11-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth In Bathtub, Three People Arrested: Police

11-year-old girl gives birth in bathtub, three people arrested: police

A little girl gave birth in a bathtub inside her relatives' home in St. Charles, Missouri. The three family members are now facing charges for their roles in the shocking incident.

Lesbia Cante and an adult male are facing charges of child endangerment. Meanwhile, a 17-year-old relative is being charged with incest, statutory sodomy, and statutory rape.

After letting the 11-year-old girl deliver at home away from proper medical care, the adult male took the newborn baby to a hospital, St. Joseph's Medical Center.


Apparently, this happened about an hour after the baby was born.

While there, he dropped off the infant and claimed that the baby had been left on their front porch.

At the time the baby was taken to the hospital, it still had the placenta and umbilical cord. The baby's body temperature was only 90 degrees.

Police Involved After Infant Is Dropped Off At The Hospital

11-year-old girl gives birth in bathtub, three people arrested: police

The police were tipped off after the bizarre incident at the hospital, and their investigation quickly began.

Soon, detectives went to the St. Louis home where they found the 11-year-old girl.

The man was arrested, and only later did he admit that the baby was actually a relative. This was after investigators questioned him.

During the questioning, he stated that he did not know that his 11-year-old relative had suffered sexual assault or that she was pregnant.


When the family later questioned the 17-year-old, he admitted to having had sex with the young girl about 100 times. But he claimed that he never knew the girl was pregnant.

The accused is Norvin L. Lopez-Cante, and he was arrested after the discovery along with Lesbia Cante. The woman was taken into police custody for not doing enough to help the girl while she was giving birth.

She failed the responsibility to help the girl get proper medical care during the delivery.


Lesbia Cante was detained in prison with a bond of $10,000, while Lopez-Cante was given a bond of $25,000. The adult male relative was also put behind bars with a $10,000 cash-only bond.