11-Year-Old Girl Commits Suicide After Being Tormented By Rapist Who Was Released On Bail

11-year-old girl commits suicide after being tormented by rapist who was released on bail

Annaliese Ugle, a 11-year-old girl, sadly took her own life when a man who was accused of raping her, was released on bail. Annaliese was a First Nations Year 6 student.

She lived just outside of Perth, Western Australia. The man who was accused of raping this poor girl was 67-year-old Peter Frederick Humes.

Annaliese felt "tormented" by the release of this man. Despite of the horrific charges against Peter, he was still released on bail. He had several sexual assault charges against him, all of which took place between 2014 and 2018.

Unfortunately, Annaliese felt the need to commit suicide after this horrible man got out.

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Annaliese Ugle

The Small Town She Felt The Need To Escape

Samantha Westcott, (Annaliese's mother), said that Annaliese thought that Peter was going to hurt her again and that she was very scared. And that Annaliese also said that she did not want to live in that town.

Samantha also said that even she was scared. So scared that she wouldn't let her babies play outside, even if she's outside with them.

Annaliese Was a Very Loving Child

Annaliese had 4 other siblings. Her mother said that she was outgoing and very loving. She also loved the very famous app, TikTok.

Annaliese's Mom, Fighting For Harder Laws

Annaliese's mom wants her daughter's name included on as many legislation as possible, to honor her daughter. She also said that her precious daughter isn't with her anymore, so she will have to speak for her.

Samantha Westcott said that we need tougher laws, and she believes that country side areas needs to have more services for young people.

Police Admit They Made a Huge Mistake

11-year-old girl commits suicide after being tormented by rapist who was released on bail
Annaliese Ugle

Jo McCabe, WA Police Assistant Commissioner of Regional WA, admitted to making a huge mistake by letting Peter Frederick Humes out on bail. He said that he should have stayed behind bars.

McCabe also said that a child taking her life at such an early age, due to these reasons, is just horrible. He said that granting this man bail, should never have been an option.

Hundreds Gathered To Mourn Annaliese

National Suicide Prevention and Trauma Recovery Project's director, Gerry Georgatos, said that he had never seen anything like this. Gerry was there with Annaliese's family at the hospital where they said their goodbyes.

So many people gathered to mourn Annaliese. From children to elders, and even the hospital staff was there.