11-Year-Old Boy Doused In Petrol, Locked In Shed, And Burned Alive In Russia

A tragic incident occurred where a talented 11-year-old judo prodigy lost his life in a horrific manner. The young boy was subjected to a horrifying act of violence when he was soaked in petrol and confined in a shed that was deliberately set ablaze by older children driven by envy.

According to Russian investigative authorities, Albert Umbetyarov found himself trapped inside a shed located in the Dubovaya Roschcha region of Moscow following a dispute on Friday.

According to a witness interviewed by Argumenti, the assailants utilized baseball bats to severely beat Albert Umbetyarov, rendering him nearly unconscious. Subsequently, they proceeded to pour petrol over him and confined him inside a shed, which they intentionally set on fire.

As per reports, the assailants involved in the incident were allegedly between the ages of 13 and 15. Shockingly, a group of girls witnessed the horrifying event and purportedly recorded it on camera. Disturbingly, it is claimed that they proceeded to upload the footage online and streamed it.

According to another witness, the motive behind the attack on Albert stemmed from envy. As a successful Judo athlete who was excelling in his sport, Albert's achievements were perceived as a threat by the attackers, who felt overshadowed by his accomplishments.

A local told media after the attack that "there was a fight... one of the younger children who witnessed it said that the victim was beaten at his knees so he couldn't run, or even walk."

Amid the attack on Albert, one of the boys within the group managed to escape while the older children assaulted him.

After witnessing the distressing incident, younger children, aged six and seven, who were playing in the vicinity, promptly sought assistance from nearby adults.

According to the father of one of Albert's friends, his son had left the location prior to the tragic incident. When he returned later, he was devastated to discover that Albert had suffered a fatal burn.

"At 7pm he called me in tears," said the father, Alexey. "He told me: 'My friend burned to death in the shed'. I went there. I saw the flames. There was no-one to be rescued by that time."

He recounted how a group of individuals arrived at the scene with shovels, desperately attempting to penetrate the engulfing flames in a race against time to rescue the child. Tragically, their efforts proved futile as they arrived too late to save Albert.

The boy's judo coach, Alexander Tvanba, said Albert was "smart and very peaceful, he wouldn't offend a fly. He was very hard-working, and never had any issues. He won several competitions."

Expressing his belief, the father mentioned that he thought Albert might have been rendered unconscious during the incident.

He emphasized that had Albert been conscious, his strength and determination would likely have enabled him to escape from the situation.

The Russian Investigative Committee said: "On May 19, 2023 children during a quarrel shut a boy inside a shed, locked the shed from outside, and nailed the door."

"Next a fire started. According to preliminary findings, [the fire started] inside the shed. Children could not open the door, and asked for help."

"When help arrived, the boy's body was found inside the burned shed."

In recent statements, Alexander Bastrykin, the head of the committee, highlighted the ongoing increase in crime throughout Russia. He emphasized that the country is currently experiencing a general upsurge in criminal activities.

"We see a trend when serious and particularly grave offences are being committed by children."

In addition, he drew attention to a concerning trend of extremist crimes perpetrated by young individuals, noting a significant surge in such incidents during 2022 and 2023, particularly following the initiation of the special military operation in Ukraine.