11 Ways To Stop Being A Hookup Girl And Get Into A Real Relationship

11 Ways To Stop Being A Hookup Girl And Get Into A Real Relationship

The world of dating today is all about hooking up. Woe unto you if you want a serious relationship. Some girls have resigned themselves to this fate and become reluctant "hook up" girls.

But did you know have the power within you to turn things around? Here's how.

1. No Casual Hookups

If a guy wants to keep it casual, tell him to keep moving. You want a real relationship from the very get-go, and everything else is a waste of your precious time. Make that very clear to any guy who pursues you.

2. You Don't Mind Feeling Alone

The hookup culture can have you feel like an alien if you are not part of it. But that is something you have to accept if you want to get rid of this vicious cycle from your life. Be willing to be among a select few who can hold their ground against this trend.

3. You Leave When There's No Spark

You should not be concerned about having some fun but interested in having a great relationship. So, if you don't feel the spark, you move on because you know it won't work out.

4. One At A Time, Please

You might not have gotten to a stage where you can declare your relationship exclusive. But even so, you date one guy at a time, or none at all. You should expect the same standard.

5. You Know You Are Worth Waiting For

You should know your worth, and you should know very well that you are worth waiting for. So, any guy not up for that deserves a pass. Love should come first for you, and the guy you want should want a deeper connection before asking that you jump into bed.

6. You Value Commitment

When you meet with a guy and he is reluctant to commit to you, don't waste your time hoping that he will. You want someone who is serious and knows what they want. So, if the guy is not there yet, you head out in search of one who is.

7. The Tinder Nightmare

Tinder is incredibly convenient to use. And I think most of us would agree that it's not the place to find quality dates if you want a relationship. The app is currently teeming with creeps and people looking for casual sex. You should avoid it altogether.

8. Physical Intimacy And Love Go Hand-in-Hand

Before anyone gets too intimate with you, there has to be feelings and a deep emotional connection. There are guys who do things the other way round, and you have no time for them. This is what you want and you should not be ashamed of it.

9. You Are Either In A Relationship Or Single

Although you date, you shouldn't always be in relationships because there is no middle ground for you with romance. Almost relationships shouldn't exist in your life. You are either in or out.

10. You Want Meaningful Sex

Meaningless sex should no longer matter to you, even if everybody is into it. Make a different choice, and any guy who does not accept that should have no place in your life.

11. You Consider Modern Dating A Disaster

These days, nobody seems that interested in romance and love. Guys don't try anymore. Everything is done over the phone or the web and it sickens you. You want to be courted and romanced, so modern dating should hold no appeal for you. Go old school.

People have made a mess of dating and romance. Couples just hang out and hook up and then move on with their lives. This culture is a lot to put up with if you want a real relationship. But with the above tips, you will have an easier time finding a guy who wants the relationship you desire. Good luck!