11 Ways Taking A Break From Sex Changed My Life

Recently, I had a realization that the times in my life where I felt the most lost or uncertain about myself were the periods when I engaged in regular sexual activities with a partner. In an effort to see if there would be a difference, I decided to take a break from having sex, which ended up having a more significant impact on my life than I ever thought possible.

1. I Stopped Depending On Outside Validation To Feel Beautiful Or Sexy

The external validation that came with having sex, and feeling desirable to someone else, made me believe that I was sexy. However, once I stopped having sex, this validation stopped as well. Eventually, I came to terms with the fact that deep down, I didn't think I was beautiful. It took time, but I realized that true beauty comes from within and isn't dependent on how many people validate you.


2. I Stopped Internalizing Guys' Crap As My Own

We have control over what people and things are allowed in our personal space. Being intimate with someone allows their energy to mix with ours, which can be harmful to our mental and physical health. Once I stopped having sex, I felt empowered to take care of myself and engage in serious self-care, which significantly improved my overall well-being and happiness.


3. The Amount Of Time And Energy I Spent On Myself Increased Tenfold

My self-esteem soared when I ceased depending on others for validation of my beauty and allure. Instead, I began to appreciate and praise myself more frequently. Feeling sensational as an individual inspired me to experiment with my appearance by trying new hairstyles, altering my wardrobe, and enhancing my makeup. Without any men vying for my attention, I effortlessly established a relationship with myself.


4. The Veil Was Lifted When It Came To The Kind Of Guys That Were In My Life

Without the distraction of intense sexual encounters, I had an opportunity to assess my last partner more objectively. Within a week, his true character and intentions became apparent, and I gained the power to decide the fate of our relationship. It dawned on me that not only did he fail to provide the love I sought, but I was also settling for a counterfeit version of love to avoid loneliness.


5. I Grew To Understand The True Meaning Of Love

I used to conflate love and sex, which became a recurrent theme when meeting new men. Previously, I would base relationships on sexual attraction, which I mistook for an emotional connection, when it was anything but. However, by abstaining from sexual activity, I was able to redefine my emotional needs and desires for genuine love.


6. The Importance Of My Friends Became Clearer Than Ever

It's incredible how much time one can spend with friends when not distracted by romantic interests. I came to realize that my female friends could make me happier and more content than a friend with benefits ever could. Moreover, my best friends spent time with me simply because they enjoyed my company, not because they wanted something from me.


7. I Started Valuing My Body

As the desire for physical intimacy diminishes and abstinence becomes a way of life, one starts to appreciate their body and themselves on a much deeper level. I learned this simple truth only after taking a step back. Now, I am more selective not only about who I spend my time with but also who I allow close to my physical being.


8. My Creativity Level Skyrocketed

Sexual energy is closely linked with the power of creativity (research the solar plexus and sacral chakra), which is sometimes referred to as "fire," since it fuels creativity, strength, and sexual desire. Through abstinence, I had control over this "fire" and could use it as I saw fit. I channeled this energy into creating, writing more, drawing, and even dancing.


9. I Started Glowing

I experienced an unexpected transformation, which involved an increase in my self-confidence and discovering that the source of my joy was within myself. Surprisingly, abstaining from sexual activity contributed to this positive change in me.

10. Suddenly, Everyone Was Drawn To Me

I observed a gradual increase in the number of individuals who approached me when I was out and about. This is not surprising, given that I exuded a considerable amount of positive energy, making me a beacon of hope to others. It was exhilarating to be the object of people's curiosity.


11. I Gained Some Serious Perspective

Lastly, and perhaps most significantly, my outlook on life underwent a significant change. By avoiding sexual relationships, I regained a sense of control over my life and confronted the psychological and emotional obstacles that had been preventing me from taking charge. This allowed me to remove negative energies and concentrate on other aspects of my life that brought even more satisfaction.