11 Types Of Lesbians You're Most Likely To Meet In Your Life

11 Types Of Lesbians You’re Most Likely To Meet In Your Life

Welcome to the world of stereotypes and common knowledge in your quest to find out more about types of lesbians. Of course, each person is a unique flower, but most belong in the same gardens.

If you belong to the LGBTQ+ community, you heard it all before: "She doesn't look like a lesbian." Or, "there's no such thing as bisexual." The thing is that no matter how open-minded, a straight person will try to figure out what's the deal with people with other sexual orientations. It's curiosity, and it's not always a bad thing.


That being said, without trying to put lesbians in a box, we sort of have to. For the sake of conversation. And you know that the more we talk, the more likely we will accept and understand that diversity is a natural, pleasant, and meaningful thing for each person on this planet.

Without further ado, here are 11 types of lesbians you're most likely to meet in your life, and no, you will not recognize them, because you have a "gaydar." That's not a thing, so don't be ignorant.

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The Femme Fatale Lesbian

Straight males believe that they can change her. She's gorgeous, slim, and everyone seems to ignore the simple fact that this lady is a lesbian. Not by choice, or because a man broke her heart.

Because femme fatale types of lesbians often get harsh treatment due to their physical appearance, they need a reliable partner and someone who will listen and understand. On the surface, she seems ice cold, but she's nothing more than a woman trying to find love.


Do we have to say it out loud? A Femme lesbian is just like any other beautiful woman, with the extra burden of dealing with homophobic a-holes.

The Butch Types Of Lesbians

Ask any straight person, and they will describe the butch as a prototype of all lesbians out there. It's annoying, but many seem to forget that these ladies are challenging the way we see women in general. And that's their power.


But, in stereotypical terms, the butch does look like a younger gay man, or merely a more masculine average girl. Though some are as tough as they seem, others are real sweethearts.

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Don't assume that a butch lesbian is someone who doesn't want to cuddle or that she's always dominant. Her stands on feminism and what she's like in a relationship can be quite similar, or not at all. Again, she's just a woman, but she feels more comfortable wearing a macho attitude.

The Stems And Futch And Chapstick Lesbians

Now, there's a cross between femme and the butch but again, only in terms of appearances. Most women, regardless of sexual orientation, can come under the terms or Futch categories, and here's why.


Visually, these ladies like to look sexy, wear makeup, yet they aren't too keen on wearing designer clothes or figure-hugging dresses. In fact, you may recognize a butch or a femme, but your "gaydar" will always be broken when it comes to Stems.

Since these women don't have to deal with labels, they are more likely to approach other gals and be problem solvers in relationships. Again, not all of them; however, they do have things figured out, which is vital for any relationship.

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Activists As Types Of Lesbians

Some people go through life without thinking about the big questions or devoting their attention to help others. The rest are pretty much similar to activists in the lesbian community.

These women are anything but passive. They are the ones always fighting to good fight because it's their nature. And usually, activist lesbians don't just use their voice to help LGBTQ+.


You can see them protesting against animal abuse, racial discrimination. And they will almost always put their relationships and wellbeings aside to show support.

Admirable, yet a bit structure would help, because we all need to have that special someone.

Power Lesbians, As Seen In SATC

Yes, it's a thing – we saw it in "Sex and the City," and these powerful women on top are the real deal.


They are CEOs, editors, surgeons, and they aren't joking around. With six-figure salaries and designer clothes, the power lesbian is ambitious, and she'll never take crap from anyone.

Dating these types of lesbians is similar to dating any person who's driven by success. Exhausting, but it comes with a lot of perks.

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Lesbian Curious Gals

Naturally, many of us like to experiment, and in some instances, being any type of lesbian is temporary. Many college gals like to think they are gay, but sooner or later, they realize they are straight.

Sexuality is a spectrum and exploring it is healthy. You don't have to pressure yourself into being anything until you finally realize what makes you happy.


Gay, straight, bi, merely labels. Sometimes, it's about finding the right person, and these women have the right idea.

The Alpha Types Of Lesbians

Some call these ladies Queen of the Dykes because they are that good at picking up the ladies. Their specialty: going down on a straight woman, just for fun.

Alpha lesbians are not afraid of their sexuality, nor they ever feel the need the hide it. They are independent, secure, and serious players. Straight men wish they knew the secrets of lesbian queens.


Of course, not all Alpha lesbians stay the same, but some simply are bachelorettes for life. They don't care what you think, so stop trying to figure out their mysterious, adventurous nature.

Boi lesbians

Though they are biological females and they aren't planning to transition, Boi lesbians are boyish. And unlike with the butch types of lesbians, they aren't sending a message.


Bois is masculine-of-center, but the word means the opposite in the gay male community. Some people who identify as Bois use it as a transgender nonbinary gender identity, but other Bois aren't necessarily transgender.

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Gender is not something that defines you, so if you're not sure where you fit in, that's okay. And when it comes to Boi types of lesbians, most are okay with being females, but the focus is more on enjoying sex with women rather than what their gender says.

Athletic Types Of Lesbians

Athletic lesbians are simply gals who play sports and enjoy sleeping with women. It's not a big deal, and you know that not all sportswomen are gay, nor are they all straight.


Their appeal is simply in their energetic appearance and the fact that they look like they might break your bed. Other than that, you can find them in various categories, shapes, sizes, and colors.

Yes, they tend to date other women in sports, but that's sort of like Andre Agassi and Steffi Graff kind of a thing. All athletes do it.

The Baby Dyke

Though they mostly young women, who are about to or just came out of the closet, it doesn't mean that the Baby Dyke can't be someone older.


The term reflects fresh, newly found lesbians, and they are yet to find their lesbian identity.

While the Baby Dykes aren't your typical types of lesbians, because all gay ladies have to go through the process, it's a big deal. The whole thing about coming to terms that you're not straight is still scary in this world.

The Hasbian Types Of Lesbians

It's not easy to understand the Hasbian type because they don't like to label themselves as bisexual. They are former lesbians, now going out with men.


There's a lot to consider when it comes to this category of female gays. Some experimented. Others felt too much pressure and went back to the closet.

And of course, sexuality isn't black and white, so for many, being a lesbian, then becoming a straight gal, means nothing more than giving into momentary feeling.

The Indie Lesbian

Somewhere between intellectual and artistic worlds, you'll find the Indie types of lesbians.


Most, but not all, Indie gay gals have piercings or even neon hair. Their body is a canvas, so that's how they like to express their creativity.

What makes them unique is that they are open-minded, loving, and pretty much in love with the bohemian world. Not always artists, but they do love to see themselves as a part of that world.

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Diversity Will Bring Us Closer

While putting labels on people isn't the best way to treat them, these are merely ways to bring a straight community closer to the lesbian.

There are many types of lesbians, and surprise, surprise! Like all the other ladies on the planet, you cannot figure them out until you truly know them. And naturally, some are friendly, comfortable in their own skin, and passionate about helping others. The rest, not so much.


In the spirit of Pride month, take into consideration that unless it's something you're involved with, you don't have to understand fully, but you can be supportive of others.

And in case you forgot: do not ask black girls to touch their hair. Do not ask women about their birth plans and do not try to convince gay people that they are "just confused."

Hopefully, you learned something about types of lesbians, but remember, at the end of the day, they are merely humans trying to figure out this thing called life!