11 Thoughts You Have After Breaking Up With A Loser

Deciding to end a relationship with a guy who has caused you prolonged misery in love can either be the simplest or most difficult decision you will make, depending on how much you can tolerate his nonsense. Once you gather the courage to break free and prioritize your own happiness, you may experience the following thoughts:

1. "Did I Make A Mistake?"

Upon ending a relationship with a guy who treated you poorly, the initial emotion you may experience is regret. You may begin to doubt the validity of your own emotions because his mistreatment has left you feeling broken and unable to trust yourself or your choices.

2. "Am I Really Worthy Of Someone Better?"

You may entertain the thought that you deserved to be mistreated because that was the kind of love suitable for you. However, you will eventually realize that this is far from the truth, but the moment of self-doubt may linger with you.

3. "On To The Next One"

Once you start to feel like your true self again, you may begin to search for new romantic interests. It can be simpler to avoid confronting the pain of losing someone who you believe should be easy to move on from by distracting yourself with potential new flames.

4. "I'll Never Find Love Again"

If you attempt to pursue romantic relationships while still emotionally unprepared, you may find that nothing seems to work out. This can lead to entertaining the notion that you may never be able to love again, even though it is not necessarily true. Despite knowing this, you may still find yourself wondering about it.

5. "How Could I Ever Have Loved That Loser?"

As you gradually regain your confidence, you may begin to feel a sense of anger directed toward yourself for being enamored with someone so terrible. The realization that you willingly chose to be with a loser can be frustrating and aggravating.

6. "Maybe I Was In The Wrong"

After a period of feeling angry, you may eventually return to feeling sad because you loved him despite all his shortcomings. The phase of self-doubt may resurface, but this time it may not persist for as long.

7. "Screw That Guy, I'm Awesome"

As time goes by, you may eventually return to your former self and come to the realization that it was his loss, not yours. This is one of the most gratifying post-breakup reflections, as you recognize that you were correct in your assessment of him, and he was wrong in his assessment of you.

8. "No More Relationships For Me"

A fear of love may begin to emerge because even though you feel confident in yourself, you may not be as confident in other people. Your trust in potential partners has been distorted due to the negative experience with the previous loser you dated, so you may swear off dating in order to focus on your own personal growth.

9. "I Just Need A Good Hookup Buddy"

As a woman, you may enjoy a satisfying sexual encounter just as much as any man. However, when you decide to resume sexual activity, the fear may still linger, leading you to believe that a casual relationship may be the most suitable option for you.

10. "Am I Really OK With Never Being In Love Again?"

While casual dating can be enjoyable, the lack of intimacy may gradually begin to take a toll on you. Despite having sworn off serious relationships, you may find yourself reconsidering this decision.

11. "Not All Guys Are The Same"

Eventually, you may stop viewing every man as a potential heartbreaker and recognize that you need to set higher standards for yourself. You come to the understanding that just because your ex was a terrible person, it doesn't necessarily mean that the next guy will be the same.