11 Things He Does That Makes You Feel Like The Luckiest Girl In The World

Despite the common belief, there are still wonderful men out there who can make you feel loved and cherished in a relationship. Below are some ways in which an exceptional man can make you feel special:

1. He Puts You First

He prioritizes you as the most important person in his life or at least among the top, and he ensures that you know it. His words and actions reveal that he wants your happiness and well-being, even if that means making some sacrifices. He understands that you would do the same for him and doesn't hesitate to put you first when necessary.

2. He Actually Listens

He doesn't just feign interest and add a few sympathetic words here and there while you talk. Instead, he genuinely cares about what you have to say and provides thoughtful and considerate input and feedback to show that he has listened and reflected on your thoughts. He is interested in what's on your mind and doesn't wait for you to open up; instead, he asks and supports you wholeheartedly.

3. He's Your Biggest Cheerleader And #1 Supporter

Although you're a strong woman, there are times when you need someone to lean on, and he is happy to be that person for you. He doesn't view your vulnerability as a weakness; instead, he considers it an honor that you trust him enough to be your support. He understands the significance of this and encourages you along the way.

4. He Actually Gets Off His Ass To Help You Out

While you enjoy being independent and handling things on your own, there are moments when it can be exhausting. Fortunately, your partner is always eager to assist, whether it's cooking a meal or fixing something around the house. It's pleasant to have an extra pair of hands, particularly if you're short on height! He knows that you can take care of everything yourself, but he wants to lend a hand.

5. He Does Stuff Without You Having To Ask

He is frequently one step ahead of you, and you seldom have to request his assistance. He recognizes your needs without being too overbearing, takes care of you without making you feel childish, and assists with your responsibilities to ease your burden. This demonstrates that romance is still alive and well.

6. He Remembers The Little Things

You can tell that he genuinely listens and pays attention because he remembers the small details that matter to you, such as your preferred Ben & Jerry's flavor, coffee order, and dislike of food touching on the plate. There's no need for him to repeatedly ask the same questions, as he remembers your previous answers. This level of attentiveness is a sign that he's a keeper.

7. He Does Nice Things For You For Absolutely No Reason

It's not entirely accurate to say that he treats you well simply because he's a good person. The truth is that he loves and appreciates you, and knows how lucky he is to have you in his life. As a result, he treats you with the affection and care that you deserve. This can be something as simple as picking up your favorite granola before the box runs out or taking care of the dry cleaning. It's these small gestures that demonstrate how much he values you.

8. He Makes It Clear That You're The Only One He Wants

In many relationships, there's always a feeling of doubt that your partner may be waiting for something better to come along. However, with this guy, you know that you're the only one he wants. When he's with you, he has no eyes for anyone else because you're perfect for him. It's an incredible feeling to be completely loved and desired without any reservations.

9. He Loves The Things You Hate About Your Body

He's not just interested in your body for sex; he loves and appreciates your body for everything that it is. He finds your self-proclaimed flaws to be sexy and can't resist being physically close to you. It's not about getting you into the bedroom; it's about the pleasure of being near you and enjoying your company.

10. He Knows You Can Protect Yourself But He Wants To Do It Anyway

He doesn't protect and defend you because he thinks you're weak; he does it because he loves you and cares for you deeply. Even if you're a strong and independent person, it feels good to know that someone has your back and will be there for you when you need them. His protective nature allows you to feel safe and secure in the relationship.

11. He Wants You Around For Every Important Moment In His Life

When something important happens, he wants to share it with you first. If you're not together, it's almost as if the event didn't happen. Having you by his side makes his joys complete, and he considers you to be the most important thing in his life. Knowing that you're the one thing he wants to celebrate and share his life with is an amazing feeling.