11 Signs You're Dating A Guy Who Doesn't Really Love Himself

It's pleasant to be in a relationship with a man who isn't conceited or self-centered, but pursuing someone who's unsure of their identity could potentially be a futile endeavor. If he lacks self-love, it's unlikely he'll be able to reciprocate it towards you.

1. He Crumbles At Any Sign Of Rejection

He struggles to deal with any form of disapproval, be it from you, his colleagues, or his family, due to his insecurity about his identity. Rather than utilizing constructive feedback as a means of self-improvement, he becomes defensive and interprets it as a personal assault on his character.

2. Everything He Says Comes In Question Form

It's not a matter of him being ignorant; rather, he's uncertain of the words he uses. Instead of straightforwardly stating that he wants to invite you to dinner, he asks if you're prepared to eat. There's a distinction between a man who strives to satisfy his partner and one who is unclear about his desires (even when it pertains to something as basic as food).

3. He Constantly Tries To Suppress His Jealousy

Perhaps someone flirts with you, or you mention your ex in passing, or maybe you haven't done anything at all. Regardless, what's crucial is that he becomes jealous. However, the problem is that he doesn't directly communicate his jealousy to you. Instead, he hints at it in a passive-aggressive manner, causing you to doubt your actions.

4. He Makes BIG Mistakes

It's possible that he experiences a significant amount of anxiety. He may believe that he needs to distance himself from his true self, which may result in him making impulsive choices. The more rash decisions he makes, the worse he feels about himself, which perpetuates a never-ending cycle.

5. He Cares A Little Too Much About His Looks

If he's excessively fixated on his appearance, it could indicate that he doesn't genuinely love himself. He desires others to focus solely on his exterior, not because he's superficial, but because he's uncomfortable with his personality and wishes to prevent people from discovering who he genuinely is on the inside.

6. He Doesn't Spend Money On Himself

Alternatively, it could be the complete opposite. He may not prioritize his appearance and neglects putting in extra effort. Rather than spending money on new attire or dedicating additional time to grooming himself, he gets out of bed and leaves his home without even glancing at himself in the mirror. This could be due to him having such low self-esteem that he doesn't believe it's worth attempting to appear presentable.

7. He's Always Trying To Prove Something

Although he possesses a strong drive and consistently strives to improve himself, it's not because he believes in the concept of personal growth. Rather, he desires to prove his worth to others. He wants you to recognize that he's not a failure, he wants his parents to acknowledge his significance, and he wants to feel as though he has a purpose. In essence, he's attempting to create a life that will make him feel valuable.

8. He's Constantly Apologizing

He apologizes for matters he has no reason to be sorry for, which includes situations where he hasn't done anything wrong. If he adds an "I'm sorry" to almost every sentence he utters, it's a clear indication that he's struggling with low self-esteem. Constantly apologizing has become a habit for him, and it's because he truly believes that everything he does is incorrect.

9. He Struggles To Get Emotionally Naked

Although he may be comfortable with getting naked and engaging in sexual activity with you, being emotionally vulnerable is not something he's willing to do. You can tell that he doesn't have much love for himself based on how little he's willing to open up to you. If he was content with who he was, he would want to communicate his thoughts and feelings with you. Although it might be challenging, he would make an effort to do so.

10. He Expects Too Much From You

He doesn't simply want you to be his girlfriend; he expects you to be everything to him - his closest friend, his therapist, his mother, and so on. Individuals who don't love themselves aren't necessarily searching for a romantic partner; instead, they're seeking someone who can play the role of a supporter or cheerleader, offering care and comfort, showering them with compliments, and always being on their side. Does this description resemble the individual you're dating?

11. He Constantly Puts Himself Down

You might perceive it as sweet when he utters phrases like, "I can't believe you're dating someone like me." While it may be intended as a compliment, if he repeatedly makes self-deprecating statements like this, it's a strong indication that he doesn't have a great love for himself, which makes it challenging for him to genuinely love you.