11 Signs Your Man Misses You Whenever You’re Not Around

1. He always finds a way to bring up something you did together in the past when you are talking. This is usually an attempt, conscious or not, to be more intimate with you.

2. He gets excited when you meet unexpectedly. He might seem calm and composed when you are spending time together because he prepares to meet you first. When you meet him unawares, that throws him off a bit.

3. He always knows about important dates such as birthdays and will be eager and even quick to remind you that you are celebrating a special day. That is usually a perfect excuse to talk with you, even though you only mentioned the date in passing. Such moments give him chances to remain in touch.

4. He tries to keep in contact when you are not together. For instance, he might be commenting on the things you post on social media and will keep finding excuses to keep talking or chatting with you or interact with you in some way or another.

5. He tries to make the time with you last longer and he tries to make the best of that. He keeps your conversations going as long as possible

6. He sends you messages whenever he is drunk. It is like second nature whenever he drinks. This shows he really misses you. No wonder they say drunken minds speak sober thoughts.

7. He cannot go long before getting in touch with you in some way or another. That is because he cannot contain himself, and is always looking for ways to ensure you are part of his life. He does all this so that he can remain in contact with you.

8. He tries to downplay other men in your life and will often have little interest in stories you bring up concerning them. He always finds a way to change the topic and will not readily accept its importance in your life. He will even try to cast them in a bad light as he will often consider them his competitors and is trying to win you for himself.

9. He is always trying to make plans to meet up with you. This will include attending the opening of new restaurants and even attending certain events. There will always be a reason to spend some time with you.

10. He is always willing to give you a lot of compliments and nice words and will often not fail to let you know how much he is enchanted by you. He can't help himself, and he always tries to keep you interested in him because he cannot get you out of his mind.

11. When you are together, he gives you his undivided attention because he wants you to feel free to express yourself. He wants you to feel close to him so that you can reach out whenever you need someone to talk to because he loves the attention you give him since he longs for it all the time.