11 Signs You Are Giving Away Your Power In Love And Need To Reclaim It


You possess an invaluable asset, your power. Without it, others can trample your self-esteem and infringe upon your boundaries with ease. Take heed of these 11 warning signs that indicate you're surrendering your power to the person you're dating, and recognize why it's imperative that you reclaim it.

1. They Determine What You Do

Have you ever considered when was the last time your date night with your partner revolved around your interests? Although it may appear insignificant, if your partner is always in control of deciding the activities, the location, and the level of enjoyment, then they are essentially dictating a considerable part of your life. This also applies when they impose restrictions on your social circle.

2. You Stress Out About Them Liking You

Concerns about a new partner's level of interest are natural, but when this apprehension transforms into severe anxiety, it can harm your mental wellbeing and dominate your life. Among its unfavorable consequences is trying too hard to be liked. Therefore, it's essential to keep it in check.

3. You Can't Handle When They Don't Reply

The expression, "When you allow someone to make you angry, you give them your power" is accurate. If your significant other fails to respond to your message (once again) and you become upset, you're conveying more than just how their actions have affected you. You're also implying that they can easily push your buttons. While you should express your feelings when they upset you, losing your temper demonstrates a loss of control. Underneath that anger, you're likely experiencing sadness and fear.

4. They Control Your Moods

If your partner's actions upset you, it can ruin the rest of your day. You may transfer that negativity to other people, letting the problems in your relationship affect other areas of your life. This pattern is concerning because it suggests that you're giving the person you're seeing too much control over your overall sense of happiness and well-being.

5. You Burn Your Schedule

It's not advisable to be constantly available to your romantic partner. By doing so, you're essentially communicating that they have control over your life. This dynamic undermines your personal power because you're sacrificing your energy, well-being, and independence to cater to their needs.

6. Your Self-Worth Depends On What They Say

When your partner criticizes your clothing or your aspirations, you may suddenly feel like the worst person in the world, even if you had previously felt confident about yourself. However, by doing this, you are essentially relinquishing your power to your partner. You are implying that you are only valuable if your partner deems you to be, which is a detrimental way of thinking.

7. You're A Yo-Yo To Their Guilt Trips

If your partner uses manipulative tactics to make you feel guilty, it's important not to let them take away your power. Even if you know deep down that you haven't done anything wrong, allowing yourself to feel guilty means that you are prioritizing their opinions over your own. By doing this, you are censoring yourself, which is never a good idea.

8. You Say Yes When You Mean No

When your partner wants to visit you after 10 pm, despite your busy day ahead, you might be tempted to say yes and keep quiet about your feelings. However, this kind of behavior can lead to your partner crossing your boundaries. While you may think that you're just trying to be easy-going and fun, it's important to be honest about your needs and priorities. Being true to yourself is always better than pretending to be someone you're not.

9. You Let Your Relationship Hold You Back

You may experience being held back in a significant manner, such as declining job opportunities that require relocation to another state because you do not wish to leave your partner behind. However, there are also smaller ways that may limit you, such as letting your partner dictate your actions or making more compromises than they do for the sake of your future together.

10. You Put Up With Their Bad Behavior

Ignoring the ways in which your partner causes you harm sends the message that you are willing to tolerate mistreatment, which can create a toxic dynamic that erodes your happiness. If you are unable to find joy and contentment in your relationship, then why continue to endure it?

11. You're Settling

The previous point is also connected to settling in your relationship. You recognize that you deserve better, but you suppress those needs and wants in order to make do with your current situation. It is disheartening because it is akin to restricting your own potential. Instead of freeing yourself from a negative relationship, you are allowing it to victimize you, and you are preventing yourself from thriving in other areas of your life.