11 Signs You Are About To Make A Big Comeback In Life

Despite going through a difficult period, you remain unbreakable. To convince yourself that you are progressing and embarking on a new and exciting chapter in your life, watch out for certain indicators.

1. You're More "Whatever" Than You Used To Be About The Small Stuff

You are not as affected by other people's actions as you used to be, such as your ex-partner. Whether he sends you an Instagram message that appears to say "I miss you" or complains about his issues during phone calls, you do not let him interfere with your objectives and emotions. These days, you are aiming higher.

2. You're Feeling Good About Life In General

You exude positivity and walk with a spring in your step. You have a feeling that incredible and better things are on the horizon, and you are preparing to embrace them.

3. You're No Longer Thinking About Your Ex

Your ex-partner once occupied much of your thoughts, but not anymore. As the saying goes, time is a great healer. Your mind is now preoccupied with other, more important matters. Thank you, next! Once you have truly moved on from your past relationship, you will be focused on other things that excite you, and life will appear brighter and more meaningful than when your ex-partner was clouding your mind.

4. Someone Else Has Caught Your Eye

Your love life may have felt like a disaster in the past, but now you have started to realize that it is possible to leave that behind. You can forget about the emotional baggage because new and exciting people are entering your life. Sometimes, a new person can help you to rediscover that spark and show you that there is still love to be found in the world.

5. You're Loving Being Alone

You may be experiencing the thrill of a new relationship, but you also cherish your independence. Initially, being single might have been overwhelming, particularly after your ex ended things, but you eventually grew to love it. For you to consider giving up your independence, someone incredibly special would have to come along. Knowing that you have control over your life and happiness is an amazing feeling.

6. You Feel Really Independent

Occasionally, being single can be concerning. It is possible to worry that you lack support in the form of an ex, but the truth is that you are thriving on your independence. This is a positive sign of things to come. When you are capable of taking care of yourself and believing in yourself, you can achieve anything. You do not need that person who let you down in the past.

7. You've Started Chasing A New Dream

There's nothing quite like experiencing a brilliant idea while taking a refreshing shower and deciding to act on it. You might have an exciting vision of starting your own business or traveling to a breathtaking destination. Regardless, you're motivated to pursue a fulfilling and enjoyable life.

8. You're Not Listening To The Negative Nancies In Your Life

If you're feeling low, surrounding yourself with negative individuals can make matters worse. Moving away from them creates space for positivity to enter your life. Holding a positive attitude and believing in your ability to achieve your goals is crucial to your success. Release those negative people and free up your energy.

9. You're Focusing On You — Everything Else Is Secondary

You have prioritized yourself, which is essential for living the life you deserve. This isn't selfishness; it's a necessity. Everything else can wait because you are focusing on yourself and your dreams.

10. You're Focusing On The Reason Instead Of What Happened

When going through a breakup, it's common to feel overwhelmed by self-pity. You may experience a sense of hopelessness, blaming yourself for the relationship's failure. However, you've recently undergone a shift in mindset. Rather than fixating on your loss, you've begun to focus on the positive aspects of the situation. You recognize that the breakup has actually done you a favor by removing a toxic person from your life. By embracing this perspective, you've positioned yourself in a place of power.

11. You're Using Your Past As A Platform

You've progressed so far that you can now even joke about the toxic people you've encountered while spending time with your friends. This is a clear indication that you've moved on. With this newfound sense of control, you can take charge of your future and forge your own destiny. Your past experiences serve as a platform upon which you can stand to reach greater heights. Instead of hindering your progress, they've propelled you forward. You've got this comeback under control, girl.