11 Signs He's Completely, Totally In Love With You 

Although he may express his love for you verbally, can you trust that it's genuine? In today's dating world, it's difficult to navigate through the abundance of dishonest individuals who feign interest in a relationship but ultimately seek to control their partner. It's important to be cautious and not fall for their deceitful tactics. However, if any of these 11 indicators resonate with your situation, you can be assured that he is wholeheartedly in love with you, and there is no cause for concern.

1. He Doesn't Mind Following Your Lead

Stepping out of one's comfort zone can be a challenging experience, and not everyone is fond of it. However, he is willing to take the plunge, as long as it's reasonable. While he may not be willing to go skydiving due to his fear of heights, he will still demonstrate his love for you by sitting through an episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" without any complaints, or by trying out the new organic salad place that you've been eager to visit. He values your relationship and is open to trying new things that you enjoy, at least once.

2. He Consistently Reaches Out

Sending you a "good morning" text and spontaneously checking in on you throughout the day are some of the ways he expresses his affection towards you. He genuinely cares about what's happening in your life, even if it's just spending hours binging something basic on Netflix. It's uncommon for someone to display such interest in another person's day-to-day routine unless they have deep emotional connections with them. These actions demonstrate that he has strong feelings for you.

3. He Gives More Than He Takes

Authentic love is characterized by selflessness, where your focus is on meeting your partner's needs above your own. When you love someone, your primary responsibility is ensuring their contentment and well-being. Your boyfriend consistently demonstrates these behaviors, which indicates that he is genuinely in love with you. He would never deliberately engage in any activity that could jeopardize your happiness.

4. He Wants To Be Near You

He seizes every opportunity to be physically close to you. Whether it's holding your hand while taking a walk or spontaneously hugging you in the kitchen, he desires both physical and emotional intimacy. Even when you're sitting on the couch, munching on a Chipotle meal, you notice him gazing at you. It's not because he finds you incredibly attractive, but rather because he loves you and can't resist looking at you.

5. He Values Your Opinions

While many people may find what you have to say interesting, a man who's in love with you will prioritize and cherish your words. You'll become his go-to person for advice, no matter how insignificant or significant the issue may be. He confides in you because you're his partner in life, and he genuinely values your perspective and insights.

6. His Actions Match His Words

He doesn't simply vocalize his love for you; his actions demonstrate it. He schedules dates to spend quality time with you, gives genuine compliments, communicates with you daily, and introduces you to his friends and family. He emphasizes that you're not just a passing fling or an alternate choice, but someone he desires to spend all his leisure time with.

7. He Doesn't Make You Jealous

Simply avoiding cheating is no longer adequate in today's world. It's crucial to actively steer clear of circumstances that could potentially lead to temptation. He doesn't indulge in bar-hopping with his friends on Friday nights, nor does he use Snapchat to communicate with his college exes. He avoids spending time with individuals who could sway his actions in any manner because he's deeply in love with you. He's wholeheartedly devoted and wouldn't jeopardize losing you.

8. He Asks About Your Friends

(And not because he's trying to initiate something inappropriate with them.) He inquires about your friends because they hold significance in your life, and thus, they hold importance in his life too. The same applies to your family. He's sincerely interested in knowing about your brother's new job and your mom's birthday plans. The people in your life have become his people too!

9. He Doesn't Stay Mad

He doesn't hold on to anger. If the two of you get into an argument, he doesn't flee or become sulky until you apologize. He discusses the issue with you and makes an effort to find a solution. Although he may not be the most proficient communicator, he'll make an attempt instead of shutting down and becoming upset like an immature child.

10. His Friends Know About You

And it's not just the snarky, petty things you might do when you're upset. His friends are aware of all the wonderful things about you. They know about your job promotion and the A+ you received in Geometry a decade ago. This is because he boasts about you constantly. Really, he likely spends more time discussing your accomplishments with his friends than his own.

11. He Won't Give Up

What's the common trait among all your former partners? They were quitters. When the going got tough, they backed out. They either went silent or ended the relationship to avoid dealing with your emotions. You can tell that this guy loves you because he hasn't walked away, and it doesn't seem like he ever will. He has been there for you through the highs and lows and has never made you feel like your emotions are excessive or irrational.