11 Signs He'll Love You No Matter What (If He Does #8 Never Let Him Go)

11 Signs He’ll Love You No Matter What (if He Does #8 Never Let Him Go)

People always say that the perfect guys are always already taken. What many fail to realize is that they simply have to lift the curtain of standards from their eyes to see what's real.

Men often display behaviors that women may take for granted—behaviors that truly display undying love and affection. The list can go on and on but here are the most important ones.

He Finds Time For You

Any guy who truly cares about you will find moments with you as a reward, not an obligation. If he loves you, he will go out of his way to find time to be with you, even if it means he has to cancel other commitments.


He Is Eager To Meet Your Friends And Family

A man knows that getting into a relationship means he has to accept your world. If a man loves you, he must be inclined to share your social life and accept your circle of friends. After all, he understands that your friends and family are integral to your emotional well-being.

He Accepts You For What You Are

Over the years, our health will deteriorate. Your skin will sag, and you will develop wrinkles. It is also not unusual to gain weight over time. Regardless of your physical condition, a man who loves you will never find you disgusting or gross.


He Respects You

Any man who does not understand the value of your privacy and dignity has no respect for you. To him, you are nothing more than flesh. If a man truly loves you, he will understand that your phone is yours to keep. He will not cause you pain through verbal assaults.

He Values Your Feelings

You have your own fears and loathing to a diverse number of things. If your man is truly in love with you, he will respect how you feel about certain issues and activities. He will not insist on doing or talking about things that he wants simply because it pleases him.


He Shares Your Goals

Insecurity has little to do with the success in a relationship. He must understand that we all live only one life and we all have only one shot at our goals. He must support you in this and travel the same journey with you.

He Doesn't Tire Of You

Living together for so many years eventually leads to boredom. A man who deeply cares about you will put up with your inconsistencies, your habits, and your mistakes. There is nothing in the world that will put out the fire of his unwavering love for you.


He Will Forgive Anything

People make bad decisions, and many of these decisions can wreck a relationship. A man whose heart is bound to you can forgive you, no matter how you wronged him. This is the ultimate sacrifice that a man can do for you—forgive and forget your error at the cost of what he thinks is justice.

He Listens To You

Your day is just as important as his. Your experiences, opinion, and your sentiments are of equal footing with his ideas. A man with unquestionable adoration about you will listen to whatever you have to say, no matter how trivial. He will try to understand where you are coming from and try to make compromises.


He Is Honest With You

He will never play you for a fool if he loves you. He values trust, and he knows that this is earned. If he really cares about you, he knows that you deserve nothing less than his integrity and loyalty.

He Values Your Freedom

You are a human being, and you are entitled to making choices. A man who knows this and loves you will not get in your way to stop you from doing the things that you love. He will understand that these are important to fill whatever void is there in your heart.


No man is perfect, but what needs to be done is to see him for what he is according to his actions. If you see these behaviors in your guy, you know that he breathes and lives his life for you.