11 Signs He Is Still Obsessed With His Ex

You've come across a fantastic guy who is smart, caring, and has even invited you out on a romantic date. However, things start to feel strange when you are actually on the date. You sense that something is "off" and realize that he may still be hung up on his past relationship. To determine whether he is genuinely prepared to move on or still fixated on his ex, watch out for these critical signs:


1. He Talks About Her… A Lot

While it's acceptable to have an occasional discussion about your ex's craziness, if every other word he utters is about her fondness for burritos or how she sneezes like a bunny, it's a red flag that he has not moved on. Even if all of his comments are unfavorable, it's still not a positive sign. This could imply that he is going to take out all of the things she did to him on you.


2. He Says That He's Really Into You, But It Really Doesn't Seem Like He Is

Are you sensing that he would prefer to be with someone else? Does it seem like he's putting up a front of happiness with you, while secretly feeling unhappy? If you're receiving mixed signals from him and he keeps insisting that he's interested in you, then there's a good chance that he's only using you as a rebound.


3. He Brags About Being Over Her

He's intentionally taking you to places where he and his ex used to go. He's also making an effort to show you off to their friends, as well as mutual friends. It's like he wants to shout from the rooftops, "I'm happy! Look at me! Look at how happy I am with my new partner! Are you envious yet? See, I won the breakup!"

4. If He Openly Tells You He's Still Getting Over Her, He's Not Over Her

It's quite apparent that you're wasting your time. He's probably using you as a form of therapy at this point.


5. You've Found Out That She Still Plays A Major Role In His Life

If you notice anything that causes concern about starting or continuing a relationship with a guy, it's when his ex is still a significant part of his life. If he's still living with her, regularly meeting up with her, and constantly texting her, it's a clear indication that he hasn't moved on from her. Moreover, it's possible that he's either cheating on you with her or will soon do so. The more he avoids setting boundaries with her, the worse it is for your relationship.


6. She's Not Exactly Chill With Getting Out Of His Life

His ex-girlfriend continues to visit him, and she persuades him to grab coffee or do things for her. Sometimes, this could be just a case of a clingy ex, but if your boyfriend is not pushing back or is failing to establish boundaries, it's a sign that your relationship could be in trouble right from the beginning.


7. He's Called Out Her Name In Bed

It's tough not to take it personally when you are faced with such a situation. However, it's challenging to ignore the signals. In such circumstances, it's best to end the relationship and move on without looking back.

8. The Final Acts Of A Breakup Haven't Been Done Yet

It's reasonable to assume that if he hasn't returned her belongings and still lists himself as "In A Relationship" with her on Facebook, then you're either the other woman or he hasn't moved on from her. In either case, you deserve better than that.


9. You Can't Help But Notice How Often He's Comparing You To Her

Comparing your current partner to an ex is not inherently wrong, as long as you refrain from vocalizing it frequently or to anyone else. However, if your partner can't resist commenting on how you stack up against his past flame, it's a red flag that he's seeking a replacement and hasn't fully let go of his ex.


10. When It Comes To Things Like Getting You To Meet His Parents Or Friends, Or Even Putting Your Status As "In A Relationship," He Seems To Drag His Feet

When a man talks excessively about his ex-girlfriend, it's a warning sign of various issues in a potential relationship. If he still involves her in his life or continuously compares you to her, it's a clear indicator that he's holding out hope for a reconciliation.


11. People Have Given You A Warning That He's Still Not Over Her, Or That He's Obsessed With Her

It's essential to express gratitude towards those who warn you about potential relationship problems. If several people are already cautioning you about a situation, it's wise to heed their advice.