11 Signs He Is Really Meant For You

11 Signs He Is Really Meant For You

We all live in the hopes that we will find our soulmates right? That one person who will come and completely sweep you off your feet. The missing piece in your puzzle of love. In life, you will come across all types of guys. Some you will wish you never met. Some you will have a blast with, but you won't miss them when they're gone. Others you will miss but only for a while. Then there is one that will come, and you will just click. You will be a match made in heaven, as they call it. Unfortunately, some of us totally miss the signs.

To help you out, we have compiled a comprehensive list of 11 indicators that show you that you have found your prince charming. If you notice these signs in your relationship, it's safe to say your time of kissing frogs is over.

1. He is a part of almost every story you tell

Since you met him, you cannot remember anything remarkable that happened in your life, and he wasn't there. You try thinking about the best movie you have watched, and you watched them with him. Try thinking about the best weekend you have had, and he most probably had a hand in it.

2. You can communicate with each other with just a look


You are worried, you try to hide it from him but then he goes like "Hey, I know that look. What's wrong?" When you can tell each other's moods just by looking at each other, then you are on a soulmate level.

3. You cannot imagine a life without him

Your previous boyfriend would make jokes about a future with you and you never found them funny, but with this guy, there is no fear of commitment. You have actually thought of names for your future children. You pictured having a boy, a girl, or even both. You see a future royal family with him.

4. You do not have to pretend when you are around him


We all have different faces that we put on for different occasions. If you are able to peel off the mask you wear in front of others when around your boyfriend, then he is for keeps. You can unleash all your quirks without being afraid that he will call you crazy. In fact, he actually loves you for it.

5. Your silences are not uncomfortable

You do not experience those awkward silences that we are sometimes tempted to fill with stupid questions or proclamations. Say for instance asking what his body temperature is. You are okay just lying and saying nothing. Occasionally stealing glances at each other and smiling to yourself.

6. You share the same goals in life

You agree on a lot of things. When he is talking about his future, you can see it perfectly align with your future. See a bird can love a fish but they can't really live together, can they? It's the same case with your soulmate. For there to be a future together, you must be heading in the same direction.


7. He calms you when you are mad or stressed

There are those moments you are so angry you can't stand being around anyone, except for him. He cracks a simple joke, and you cannot be mad anymore. No matter how worried you are, just a simple call from him makes you feel comforted.

8. The sex is out of this world

This does not necessarily mean that you are doing it all the time, but when it happens, it's magical. It's like he is you and knows what you need. The love for each other and the ability to be free with one another creates a certain connection that cannot be explained. You would never think of cheating because you are being fully satisfied.


9. You disagree but stick together when it really matters

In any healthy relationship, you are bound to fight. Just as Shakespeare wrote, "The course of true love never did run smooth." You will disagree a lot with your partner but if he has your back when it really counts he is the one. He does not use your fights as a reason to break up with you each time. Instead, he is always fighting to keep the flame burning. Challenges only serve to strengthen his resolve to be with you.

10. You are secure enough to be apart

When you find your soulmate, the result is a solid relationship that does not waver, even with the distance between you. You can be far apart but still not feel threatened. You do not get jealous and start questioning his commitment to you because you know you are the one for him.

11. You challenge each other

He brings the best out of you. Since he loves you, he will not let you settle for less. He is always inspiring you to do better. Pushing you to reach your full potential because he already knows what you are capable of. He is not okay with you just being a junior partner because he knows you have what it takes to be a senior partner.