11 Reasons Why Women Like Flowers (#8 Shocked Us)

Why do women like flowers? It's a question that's often asked. If you're curious, you've come to the right place for an answer.

The article explores the top 11 reasons why women like flowers and addresses frequently asked questions on the topic.


Unlocking the secrets of a woman's mind is like unlocking the riches of Fort Knox. To shed light on the subject, we turned to the source itself - women. Here are the 11 reasons for their love of flowers, as explained by women themselves.

1. Signifies Love

When words fail to express love, flowers speak volumes. Women understand that men may struggle with expressing their emotions, making a bouquet all the more meaningful. It demonstrates care without having to utter a single word.

That's why flowers are well received on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, but they're even more appreciated as an unexpected surprise with no particular reason.

2. It's Thoughtful

Every flower carries a special symbolism, and even its color can convey a message. The effort put into selecting a bouquet that speaks louder than words shows a woman how much you care and pay attention to her emotions.

Every woman desires to be top of mind for her partner.

3. Grabs Attention

Flowers are one of the rare gifts that can capture a woman's attention without even being in plain sight. Try surprising your significant other with a bouquet placed in an unexpected location and observe their reaction as the fragrance greets them upon entering the house.

Even better, showcasing the flowers proudly will make your partner's friends envious.

4. Sparks Memories

In addition to their visual appeal, flowers have a captivating fragrance. Science shows that our sense of smell has the strongest association with memories. Give a woman a bouquet of flowers and every time she smells their scent, she will be transported back to the moment when you showed your affection.

5. Flowers Resemble Women

It's not uncommon to hear women compared to flowers. The reason for this is simple: women and flowers share many similarities. Both bring joy to our days, are both strong and delicate, and have a distinct feminine quality.

When giving flowers, it's crucial to keep in mind that they are viewed as a reflection of how you perceive the recipient. Giving inexpensive flowers to someone you hold dear may not yield the desired response. Women attach great significance to symbolism.

6. Reflects on How You feel

As we've noted, different flowers symbolize different emotions. Red roses symbolize love, daisies symbolize purity, lilies symbolize innocence, and yellow roses symbolize friendship. When receiving flowers, women consider two messages conveyed by the bouquet: how they are viewed and how the sender feels about them.

To make her feel truly special, carefully choose a combination of flowers that speaks to her heart.

7. Provides Lasting Joy

The beauty of flowers may be fleeting, but their memory can endure a lifetime. Flowers resonate with women on an emotional level and create a lasting impression. When properly cared for, they can serve as a permanent reminder of a special moment or occasion.

You might be surprised by the number of women who still have their prom corsage or the boutonniere their husband wore on their wedding day preserved in a book.

8. They're Frivolous

It may not make sense to the male mind, but women appreciate the gesture of a man spending money just to make them smile, even if the gift is something temporary like fresh flowers. They understand that flowers will eventually wilt and die, but to them, that's part of the beauty of the gift.

Women may aspire to eternal love, but a gift that solely brings them joy for a moment is invaluable.

9. Flowers are Beautiful

It's a no-brainer - women adore flowers for their beauty. They add radiance to any room, even a dull office, and their fragrance enhances every breath taken.

The beauty of flowers appeals to everyone, regardless of gender. With a wide range of shapes and colors, they can complement any d├ęcor and enhance the ambiance of any space, including a dull office. Their fragrance also adds to the sensory experience, making simply breathing a joy. It's difficult not to appreciate the beauty of flowers.

10. They Brighten a Room

Flowers have a unique ability to bring a room to life with their natural beauty and fragrances that touch the soul in a way no artwork or decorative items can. Their varied shapes and colors allow them to blend with any interior design, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. Whether you're male or female, it's hard not to appreciate the beauty and charm of flowers.

No human creation can rival the beauty and magnificence of nature, and flowers embody this to perfection. Their intricate design and captivating fragrance are unmatched by any man-made art or invention.

11. Women Deserve Them

Women enjoy receiving flowers as a gesture of appreciation for their contributions in a man's life and the happiness they bring. This is a common understanding among most men.

The fact that flowers are temporary or that they can be expensive doesn't matter to women. They appreciate the gesture of receiving flowers and feel deserving of them as a treat every now and then.


Why is it important to give a woman flowers?

Giving your significant other flowers is a meaningful gesture that demonstrates your affection and consideration for their feelings. Working with a skilled florist can simplify the process, but the thought and effort invested in the gift are invaluable to a woman's sense of self-worth.

Why do women feel special when they receive flowers?

Receiving flowers can have a profound impact on a woman's emotions. It reflects a man's love, as he is willing to spend money to bring a smile to his partner's face. It is a symbol of their importance and a demonstration that they are valued and cherished. Flowers serve as a tangible expression of love and appreciation, reinforcing the recipient's feelings of being special.