11 Reasons Why Women Like Deep Voices (#7 Is Strange)

Have you ever questioned the appeal of men with baritone and bass voices to women? If so, you have come to the right place.

This article will delve into the reasons why women are drawn to men with deep voices and address some frequently asked questions. Be warned, some of the answers may be surprising.

Let's dive in.


There are several explanations for why women prefer men with deep voices, but according to our findings, there are 11 significant factors. Some may seem more logical than others, but the truth is not always rational.

1. Confidence

Women consider confidence to be one of the most attractive traits a man can have. Men with deep voices naturally exude confidence. However, be careful not to come across as arrogant, as displaying self-assuredness is an excellent way to attract a mate.

2. Powerful

Bass tones are powerful, and anyone who grew up with a musical background knows this. Deep tones vibrate and penetrate everything they hit, including a woman's libido. Additionally, power represents protection and security for a woman seeking her prince charming. So, if you want to be a ladies' man, try practicing your Elvis Presley growl.

3. Scary

Deep voices can be intimidating, even intimidating to some extent. For a woman, this can be thrilling, like riding a roller coaster. Research has shown that women find deep voices most alluring when they are modified with a husky whisper. This tone conveys a lack of aggression and a hint of vulnerability, which appeals to women.

4. Comforting

It may not be politically correct, but the fact is that women live in a much more vulnerable world than men. Socially, economically, emotionally, and physically, they are more exposed to danger. As a result, women, even if unconsciously, seek a protector and someone to comfort them in tough times. A deep, strong male voice speaks to that need.

5. Takes Charge

The presence of a booming bass voice in a chaotic situation has the power to command attention and instill a sense of stability. Despite criticism of bossy men, women tend to admire a take-charge personality, making them feel secure.

6. Demands Respect

Irrespective of a man's deserving nature, a deep male voice has the ability to evoke respect from others. Women appreciate a figure to look up to, and a baritone voice conveys strength and masculinity, attracting admiration and respect from both women and others.

7. Adrenaline Rush

Studies have shown that a deep male voice has the power to trigger an adrenaline rush in women. The voice alone, without any physical presence or specific speech, is enough to cause physical reactions like flushing, increased heart rate, and sweating. The reason behind this phenomenon is yet to be understood by scientists.

8. Body Size

Deep male voices resonate with women on a primal level. It is believed that this phenomenon is rooted in the belief that a bass tone signifies a large body size, which has traditionally been associated with strength and protection in the animal kingdom. Women have historically sought out partners with such qualities.

9. Sounds Hot In The Morning

The mysterious appeal of deep male voices is exemplified by the fact that women find them particularly sexy in the morning, especially when the man is just waking up. The combination of power and vulnerability in a slow drawl may contribute to this, but the reasons remain unclear. Women have been known to have preferences that are difficult to explain.

10. It Just Sounds Sexy

Women themselves may not be able to articulate why they find deep male voices sexy, but they do. Women with a strong preference for such voices often describe them as signifying everything they look for in a mate.

11. It's Natural

Throughout human history, women have been inclined to seek out men with deep, confident, and gentle voices who can serve as their protectors, providers, and comforters. This preference for deep voices is a common trait across various cultures and regions, leading some to believe it is a result of either social or genetic programming. Regardless of the cause, it is widely recognized as a natural attraction for women towards men with deep voices.


Why Are Deep Voices More Attractive To Women?

The exact reason for women's attraction to deep-voiced men remains a mystery, with several theories suggesting a link to natural selection and breeding strategies. However, there is no solid evidence to support any of these claims.

What Type Of Voice Do Girls Like?

Women seem to prefer a low, breathless tone in men's voices, as it conveys strength and comfort without being too aggressive. The breathless modulation eliminates the scary nature that can sometimes accompany deep voices, making a strong yet gentle voice the ideal.

Should Women Avoid Men With Deep Voices?

It is important to note that generalizations about preferences and behavior cannot be made for all individuals. However, research suggests that while women may be sexually attracted to men with deep voices, they may also trust them less.

While deeper-voiced men may be more appealing as mates, they may also be viewed as less trustworthy as potential partners. Studies have shown that instances of infidelity and promiscuity are more common among men with lower voice tones.