11 Reasons Why Women Like Dad Bods (#11 Surprised Us)

Have you ever pondered on what draws women to dad bods? If so, you have reached the appropriate destination.

In this article, we will examine the top 11 reasons why women find dad bods attractive and address some related inquiries.


There are various reasons that make women inclined towards dad bods instead of muscular bodies with toned abs. The following are the top 11 reasons, as stated by women themselves.

1. Realistic

Life is not just about working out with bicep curls, consuming protein shakes, and taking an excessive amount of supplements. Real life involves relaxing on the couch, indulging in a slice of birthday cake, and having a pasta feast every now and then. For most women, the sacrifices and effort required to achieve a physique like a Greek god are not worth it, unless one is a professional bodybuilder or model.

2. Familiar

It is often said that familiarity leads to boredom and apathy, but for many, the opposite is true. Women feel more comfortable with what they are familiar with. Unless a woman grew up with a father with a physique like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Franco Columbu, she is likely more accustomed to a less muscular body type.

3. Priorities

Having a dad bod conveys to women that one has their priorities in order and understands what truly matters in life. Although one may exercise and strive to maintain a healthy diet, spending quality time with family and socializing with friends over drinks are also important. The focus is on finding balance, not solely on physical appearance.

4. Healthy

Dad bods are not necessarily overweight or unhealthy, they simply have a more relaxed and less defined appearance. The reality is that the lifestyle required to maintain a highly muscular physique and be in peak physical condition can sometimes be detrimental to one's health. A lifestyle that incorporates moderate physical activity, a balanced diet, and ample opportunities for rest and relaxation is the best way to achieve optimal health and longevity.

5. Sexy

Indeed, the majority of women find dad bods to be even more attractive than ultra-muscular bodies. It's important to keep in mind that women are emotional beings and factors such as personality and character traits often hold greater weight in their attraction than physical appearance alone. Women often view dad bods as a sign that a person does not take themselves too seriously, has a good sense of humor, is grounded and down-to-earth, and prioritizes a balanced work and personal life.

6. People First

If you want to capture a woman's heart, forget about having the most impressive biceps in town. Instead, try spending an afternoon playing with the kids in the park so she can unwind, or prepare dinner as a demonstration of your appreciation for her hard work. It may mean skipping some gym sessions, but there are plenty of fun and enjoyable forms of physical activity that go beyond lifting weights or running on a treadmill.

7. Capable

Women adore dad bods because, despite their soft and cuddly appearance, they are still in good enough physical condition to handle household tasks that require strength. In fact, when it comes time to move furniture or adjust heavy objects, those extra pounds can actually come in handy. A slight tummy paunch can provide the necessary leverage for making those small but important adjustments.

8. Unintimidating

Many women struggle with body image issues and being in close proximity to someone who appears to be in better shape can further harm their self-esteem. If a woman doesn't resemble a fitness model, she is likely to feel more at ease standing next to a man with a dad bod rather than someone who looks like they just stepped out of a muscle magazine.

9. Cuddly

The reason stuffed toys are filled with soft material instead of hard objects is simple - softness is much more comfortable and cozy. A dad bod, with its extra padding, provides a softness that is ideal for snuggling. Would you rather cuddle up in a plush armchair or on a hard wooden pew? The choice is clear.

10. Women Like to Eat

Many men have heard a woman say "I don't want anything, I'll just have a bite of yours," as women often enjoy eating but are reluctant to admit it. Women are less likely to feel self-conscious and will have a more enjoyable experience when they can have an extra slice of pizza without feeling like a glutton next to a man who is only eating salad. The more a man eats, the freer a woman will feel, and this can lead to a little extra padding around the middle.

11. Lets Her be the Pretty One

Many men have witnessed a woman feeling insecure after seeing another woman they perceive as more attractive. This same feeling of insecurity can be even more pronounced when a woman feels overshadowed by her date, rather than another woman. To a woman, being outdone by a man in terms of appearance can be devastating to her self-esteem.


What is a dad bod?

A dad bod represents a balanced and realistic body type. It strikes a harmony between being fit and having a little extra cushioning. It's not overly muscular nor is it flabby. It exudes good health without the obsession of being overly ripped. It embodies the confidence of someone who still hits the gym regularly but doesn't fixate on perfection. The dad bod personifies the evolution from a college athlete to a successful professional, where a busy lifestyle takes priority over extreme body aesthetics.

What's the difference between a dad bod and a fit body?

A dad bod is often seen as being in good physical condition, but with a slightly softer and more relaxed physique. It is typically characterized by body fat levels in the range of 20-30 percent, which results in a body that is not as ripped or muscular as a traditional "fit" body, but not overweight either. Picture a man who leads an active lifestyle, such as a weekend warrior, who balances his physical activity with a more relaxed approach to diet and fitness.

Dad Bod vs Fat

A dad bod represents a balanced body type, with a bit of softness and possibly some love handles. It is characterized by having 20-30 percent body fat, which is considered a healthy range. However, anything beyond that is considered unhealthy and requires a change in diet and physical activity. Dad bodies are not overly muscled or flabby, but rather showcase a level of fitness without being overly defined.

What is the female equivalent of a dad's body?

The female version of a dad bod is often referred to as a "mum tum." This refers to a woman who, like her male counterpart, has a bit of extra weight, not to the point of being overweight but just a little more than the media's unrealistic standards of beauty.