11 Reasons Why Men Don't Care About Age

11 Reasons Why Men Don’t Care About Age

Aaliyah said it best when she said: "Age ain't nothing but a number". Today, we no longer blink an eye when we see the vast age difference between our friends. He's 60, she's 34. Okay. She's 42, he's 36. Good for them.

And yet, in some situations, we make it a big deal. But why? What makes people uncomfortable when a much older man dates a much younger woman?

For that matter, why is it more normal for the man to be the older one? It has only been in recent years that society doesn't make a big deal if the man is younger.

In all honesty, I used to be one of those people that thought the man has to be older. Until my boyfriend knocked me off my high horse. Now, it's a trivial matter that I think shouldn't even factor into your love life. There are more important things to worry about.

However, you can't help but look at a 26-year-old woman with a 58-year-old man and be curious about why they're together. How much could they really have in common? Why do older men desire women young enough to be their daughters?

If you're curious about this phenomenon, I present to you 11 reasons why older men want younger companions.

1. You'll instantly have a better sex life

When you're young, you have plenty of energy. This leads many older men into thinking that it means a younger woman's sex drive is going to be higher.

2. He's trying to hold on to his youth

We've all seen what can happen to a man in a midlife crisis. They buy a motorcycle. Grow a beard. Get a toupee or hair plugs. They grasp at things that will make them feel younger again. This includes a younger partner.

3. Men find youthful appearances more attractive

We all have unrealistic expectations about what beauty is supposed to look like. We all try to stop the effects of aging. Older men are often more attracted to youthful beauty. No wrinkles. No grey hair. A toned body. It's the basis of what we all strive for and miss as we age.

4. He'd rather play the field than settle down

It's well known that many men face commitment issues. Older men often seek out younger females, as they are less likely to make demands for a relationship. Older women tend to be less open to the idea of casual hookups or a short-term fling.

5. They want it because they can't have it

There's something exciting about doing something we aren't supposed to. An older man dating a younger woman is no different. They'll get weird looks and comments, but the disapproval makes it more fun. To them, younger women are forbidden fruit and they just can't resist.

6. Younger women have fewer boundaries

Older women tend to be less willing to try new things in the bedroom. So if an older man's got an unusual fetish, he'd have better success with a younger woman.

7. Younger women expect less from their companions

Older women are pickier about their relationships because they've had the time to figure out what they expect. They're not scared to make demands or walk away. Younger women have fewer expectations. Therefore, many men consider older women harder to please.

8. Younger women will have their own lives to live

When you're young, you stay busy. Your main focus is getting your life together as you envision it. Some older men find this appealing as it means they won't be pressured about the relationship.

9. He might have control issues and needs a weak target

Because young women often gravitate towards older men as advisors, confidants, and mentors, it's not surprising that they could be easily controlled if in a relationship with someone older.

10. It's good for his self-image

Having a young woman is like having a trophy on your arm. You'll get looks of envy and jealousy. Many men use this as an ego boost.

11. The odds are in his favor

Many younger women prefer to be with someone older, which means there's less chance of getting shot down.