11 Reasons Why It's Hard For A Female Empath To Find The Right Man

11 Reasons Why It’s Hard For A Female Empath To Find The Right Man

Dating an empath is one of the most exciting things that can happen to you.

But, it is also a great challenge for some men to stay in a happy relationship with an empath.

Why? Because they are straightforward. They don't date around. They don't play games. They commit to a relationship with their whole heart. They are honest and forthright.

1. She's Intense

Empaths will develop a deep and meaningful connection with everyone. Their needs are unique, and they'll not fall for the ordinary.


They value partners with intense and deep connections. This makes it difficult for most men to pursue them. Some will even argue that these women desire too much attention than they can offer.

2. She Knows What She Wants

An empath woman isn't after a one-night stand or fling. She's after a committed relationship full of love, respect, and understanding.

She wants a partner who's ready to support her in the good and the bad times. She'll reject anyone who's not committed to a relationship of love and trust.


3. She Values Reliability

A man who's wishy-washy doesn't stand a chance in her life. She values stability more than anything else. This is because she's secure, is stable, and craves a partner stable like her. She's not interested in a man who shows up late on dates or ignores her. She doesn't play games.

4. She's Sincere

She won't lie or sugar-coat the facts. Empath women are very honest people.


She will always be honest, tell you the truth, and speak her mind whether you like it or not. Most men find it difficult to endure honesty at this level all the time.

5. She Needs Freedom

An empath woman won't entertain a man who tries to control her. And when she discovers that you're restricting her freedom, she'll leave you without a second thought.

6. She's Often Misunderstood

Most people don't understand what it's like to date an empath until they get into a relationship. She's more mysterious and complex than any other girl you've ever dated.


Also, a man may start thinking that she's hiding something from him, but she's not. It's the way she is, she can be guarded, but this is no reflection on you.

7. She Needs Emotional Satisfaction

For an empath woman to feel fulfilled in a relationship, she needs both physical and emotional satisfaction. And one aspect can't exist without the other.

8. She Doesn't Do Short-term Relationships

She will not commit to any short-term relationship. Her slogan is "all or nothing." She'll opt to remain single rather than be with a partner who's not ready for a life-long relationship.


9. She Will Ask Many Questions

An empath woman seeks clarity from everyone and anything. So don't be surprised if you're asked lots of questions, it's not that she doubts you, she just needs clarification in her own mind.

Her questions are not for manipulative reasons, but rather for the satisfaction of her curiosity.

10. She Loves Hard

An empathic woman will love hard and with more intensity. She will give it all and expect the same in return. This can make a man avoid such a girl because he may feel like he's not good enough for her.


11. She Takes Everything Personally

Even the slightest mistake can hurt her as she feels things deeply. She has a highly sensitive personality. But she doesn't hold grudges or be resentful. She's also quick to forgive and is understanding of human nature.