11 Reasons Why Guys Like Tall Girls (#7 Shocked Us)

Contrary to popular belief, not all guys have a specific type they like. However, let's delve into the topic of tall girls and examine 11 reasons why they are attractive to some guys.


Recent online surveys suggest that the preferred height range for women among guys is between 5'5" and 6'. For girls, anything over 5'4" is considered average to tall, indicating that tall girls are indeed a popular choice among some guys.


There are numerous reasons why some guys prefer tall girls, ranging from a desire for a partner close to their own height to an attraction to long legs in stockings peeking out from under a short skirt.

1. Holding Hands is Easier

Guys often have an advantage in height over most girls, making hand-holding a bit of a challenge. When it comes to tall girls, however, hand-holding is more comfortable because their arms are close in size to the guy's. But, it's worth noting that for short guys dating tall girls and for short girls dating tall guys, hand-holding can still be a challenge.

2. They Can Keep Pace With Him

Another aspect that attracts guys to tall girls is their ability to physically keep pace with them. With their longer legs, tall girls can jog, run, or walk at a similar speed to most men without getting tired easily.

3. They Are More Noticeable in a Crowd

Tall girls are noticeable in a crowd, but not in the same manner as someone who may stand out due to a striking appearance such as a platinum blonde in a mini-skirt. Tall girls don't necessarily attract the attention of every male in their surroundings, but they are more easily recognizable in a large group of people, such as at a club or concert.

4. They Are Elegant Without Trying

Many guys find tall girls to be graceful and elegant, seemingly effortlessly so. There's something particularly attractive to guys about a girl who exudes elegance without even trying. When a tall girl makes an effort, she is likely to achieve her goals, whether it's a fun time or a long-term relationship.

5. They Don't Need High Heels

One of the many appealing features of tall girls is that they don't need to wear high heels to match the height of the person they're dating. With a taller stature, they can easily be the same height as their partner without the need for added height from shoes like pumps, platforms, or heels when going on dates. However, it's worth noting that tall girls may be more frequently asked to wear heels in intimate settings due to the visual appeal it holds.

6. They Look Good Walking

The appeal of tall girls for many guys is linked to their inherent elegance and natural grace. Their walk is captivating and alluring, which makes them even more attractive to onlookers, especially when they are wearing form-fitting clothing such as shorts, tight pants, or skirts.

7. Longer Legs Spread Wider (in Bed)

The truth about why guys are attracted to tall girls is simple: they have attractive and elongated legs. Additionally, the sight of tall girls in high heels and stockings only enhances their physical appeal. This combination creates a visually pleasing appearance that most guys find irresistible.

8. They Can Where His Clothes

Tall girls who are close in height to their male partners have the advantage of being able to share clothing. This can be convenient and comforting for the girl and a major turn-on for the guy. Seeing his partner comfortably lounging in his shirt, shorts, or sweatpants can be attractive and endearing. Additionally, wearing his T-shirts in public can be seen as cute and playful.

9. Photos Are Easier to Pose For

When both partners have similar heights, taking photos together becomes much easier. Although this may not be the primary reason why guys like tall girls, it certainly adds to their appeal. When on vacation or simply capturing a moment, there's no need to adjust positions or think about height differences when with a taller girl - you can simply take the picture without any fuss.

10. They Are Physically Stronger

Many guys are drawn to tall girls due to their perceived physical capabilities. Although this is not a universal truth, tall girls often exhibit more strength compared to their shorter counterparts due to their longer skeletons and the ability to develop stronger muscles as a result of physics. It's important to note that this is not always the case, and physical strength can vary greatly among individuals regardless of height.

11. The Sex is Amazingly Fun

One of the main reasons guys enjoy dating tall girls is the expectation of an exciting and fulfilling sexual experience. Tall girls possess elegance, strength, and beautiful legs that are accentuated by high heels and hosiery such as fishnet or stockings. For many guys, the prospect of spreading those long legs is a primary motivation when dating tall girls.


Do Guys Find Tall Girls More Attractive?

It's a matter of personal preference, but some guys find tall girls more attractive than girls of average or shorter height. However, not all guys share this preference and some may prefer girls who are shorter or the same height as themselves. Ultimately, attraction is a subjective and individual experience.

Do Guys Like Dating Taller Girls?

Yes, many guys enjoy dating taller girls. Some prefer taller girls because they are closer to their own height compared to shorter girls. Others find tall girls appealing because they look great in skirts and have an elegant stride. Additionally, tall girls can keep up with their partners, and the sexual experience is often visually and physically exciting.

What Height Do Guys Like the Most?

Many guys prefer girls who are slightly shorter than themselves. The average height of guys is generally taller than that of girls, which is why girls within the height range of 5 feet 5 inches to 6 feet (or just under) tend to be preferred over shorter or taller girls.