11 Reasons Why Guys Don't Like To Wear Condoms (#9 Was Surprising)

It is not unexpected that the majority of men are not fond of using condoms. However, are you aware of the reasons behind this? In the following section, you will discover 11 of the most frequently cited explanations for why men resist wearing condoms.


1. He Is Scared to Put It on In Front of You

One of the most absurd and trivial reasons for not wearing or not being fond of condoms is due to the fear of putting them on in your presence. The less skilled he is in the application of a condom, the more apprehensive he may feel about doing so in front of you.

2. He Thinks It's Just a Prop

Some men view condoms as mere accessories. What does this mean exactly? It implies that they believe they are required to have one to make you feel at ease during sexual activity. This does not mean that they will actually utilize it or enjoy doing so if they do. An accessory is just for show and does not serve a real purpose. It is simply carried for good luck, not with the intention of actually using it.

3. He Thinks You Can Take a Pill

Many men prefer that their partners rely on birth control pills instead of them having to deal with the inconvenience of purchasing and wearing condoms. Although the pill is a viable alternative to condoms, the decision should ultimately be left to the woman, without any pressure or coercion.

4. He Really Likes You

When a man has strong feelings for you and is thoroughly fond of you, he may not want to use a condom. He desires to experience the genuine closeness between the two of you and does not want a thin, yet irritating and sensation-dulling, piece of plastic to hinder that. If he is truly enamored with you, he might inquire about whether you are taking birth control pills, which serves as an indication that he prefers not to wear a condom.

5. It Feels Better

One of the most self-evident reasons why men dislike using condoms is because it feels more enjoyable to engage in sexual activity without one. A man once compared it to women not preferring to wear rubber boots instead of high heels or pumps, as it simply does not provide the same sensation and feels better without.

6. He Hates Buying Them

Some men find purchasing condoms to be a daunting task. It may not seem like a big deal to some, but for some guys it feels like a public performance, like scaling Mount Everest without clothing while under the scrutiny of the entire world. This is a serious issue for some men. Take this into consideration the next time you inquire about condom purchases.

7. He Doesn't Carry Them

Men who are not fond of condoms are less likely to have them on hand. One of the reasons for this dislike is due to the fact that carrying condoms is not a habit for them, leading to forgetting to bring them along. This can result in frustration, particularly if their partner is not open to having sexual activity without protection.

8. Putting One on Kills the Mood

Occasionally, men express their distaste for wearing condoms, claiming it ruins the mood. The act of putting on a condom and the thought behind it can slow down their excitement and make them think about their actions and partner. This can be a real mood killer for some men.

9. He Thinks They Make His Package Look Small

Some men can be sensitive about their appearance and may dislike wearing condoms because they believe it makes their penis appear smaller or unattractive. If a partner giggles while they are putting on the condom, it can quickly lead to a negative outcome. To avoid this, it can be helpful to compliment their genital size and offer to assist with putting on the condom.

10. He's a Rebel (Who Doesn't Need Protection)

Some men who have a rebellious streak may resist using any form of protection for their genitalia. They prefer the sensation of unprotected sex. For these men, it's either all-natural or nothing. Attempting to change their perspective is unlikely to be successful.

11. He Can't Find the Right Size

Occasionally, a man may claim that they are unable to find a suitable condom size. It's important to verify this claim yourself, as they may be stretching the truth. If you can't find a smaller size, try checking in a Chinatown. On the other hand, if a larger size is needed, using plastic wrap as an alternative is an option to consider.


Why do some guys not like condoms?

The main reason that many men dislike condoms is because they decrease sexual pleasure during intercourse. This reduction in pleasure applies to their partner as well. Unless other precautions have been taken, there is no justification for not wearing a condom and engaging in safe sex.

Do guys feel anything when using condoms?

When using condoms, some men experience feelings of annoyance, frustration, and like their penis is covered. However, using thinner, more "intimate" condoms that are marketed as such, can still provide a good experience for some men.

Do married couples use condoms?

Only a tiny percentage of married couples continue to use condoms after getting married, while the majority (approximately 96%) no longer use them. This doesn't mean that they stop using other forms of birth control or that they don't have children.