11 Reasons Guys Act Serious Around You (#7 Shocked Us)

Some guys are known to exhibit a serious demeanor, while others tend to be more lighthearted. This often depends on the situation and people they are around.

So why do some guys act serious around you?

To help shed some light on this topic, here are 11 reasons that explain why guys act serious in your presence.


1. He's Seriously Attracted To You

When they are around someone they are attracted to, guys tend to display a more serious demeanor. For example, if he seems overly serious when discussing weather, sports, or work-related topics, it might be a sign that he is taken by you.

2. He's Scared Of You

Surprisingly, some guys admit that they act serious around the opposite sex because they are intimidated. The next time a guy is being particularly serious, keep in mind that he might just be nervous around you.

3. He's Not Sure How To Act

Sometimes, people don't know how to behave in certain situations, including guys when they are around someone they like. If a guy feels unsure of how to act, he may appear more serious and alert to avoid seeming foolish in front of you. Eventually, as he becomes more comfortable, he'll likely return to his normal behavior.

4. He Thinks You're Cooler

Another reason why guys act serious is that they may see you as cooler than they are. In this case, the guy might act more serious to show you that he is mature and cool too. The more he thinks you are cool, the harder he'll try to appear to understand and relate to you.

5. He Thinks You're Smarter

Like reason number 4, the fifth reason on our list is that some guys might act more serious if they think you are smarter than they are. The more they believe you to be intelligent, the more serious they might act in an attempt to impress you and avoid looking foolish.

6. He's A Shy Guy

Some guys simply can't help but act more serious around their crush because they are shy. As they get to know you better, they'll become less serious. Until then, you might have to put up with a more serious version of this guy. The best way to help him feel comfortable is by making him feel accepted.

7. He Thinks You're Dating Someone

When a man suspects that his crush is involved with someone else, he may exhibit a more serious demeanor around her. This is because he hopes that his responsible and mature behavior will capture her attention and stand in contrast to her current partner. The longer he believes that she is in a relationship, the more he will suppress his true self and present himself as someone more serious.

8. He's Dating Someone Else

On the other hand, if a man is seeing someone but is still interested in a relationship with you, he may act more serious when you are around. This behavior change may be observed by not just you but also his friends and family.

9. He's Not Attracted To You

An unexpected reason why a man may act serious around you is that he may not be as attracted to you as you thought. In such cases, he may be attempting to signal his lack of interest without hurting your feelings.

10. He Wants You To Want Him

On the opposite end of the spectrum, a man who is highly attracted to you and wants you to reciprocate his feelings may act more serious around you. If he feels that things are not progressing as he desires, he may start to act unpredictably, become distant, or even ghost you.

11. He's Just A Serious Guy

It's worth noting that some men are simply serious by nature and may not be acting differently around you. Additionally, life events may temporarily make a man more serious, and you may be in the midst of such a period in his life.


How Do You Know If A Guy Is Serious About You?

A clear indication that a man is serious about you is if he introduces you to his friends, co-workers, and family. Other signs include giving you constant attention, checking in on you, daily texts and calls, gifts, and showing a general interest in your life.

How Do Guys Act Around Their Crush?

When a guy has a crush on someone, they may exhibit certain behaviors that are indicative of their feelings. Some of the most common signs include paying close attention to the object of their affection, making time for them, asking others about them, frequently mentioning their name, feeling nervous in their presence, smiling frequently, and attempting to make physical contact or be close to them.

How Do Guys Act When They Are In Love?

The ways in which a guy may act when they are in love or falling in love are varied and diverse. Some of these behaviors include acting silly, being more serious, showering the person they love with gifts, attention, and time. An increase in sexual interest, friendly teasing, and consistent communication are also strong indicators of growing affection.