11 Reasons Guys Act Nervous Around You (#4 Might Surprise You)

There are several reasons why men may become nervous around women or those they are romantically interested in. Below are 11 possible explanations for this behavior.


There are numerous reasons why men may become nervous around a woman, such as having a crush on her or feeling intimidated by her appearance, intelligence, or social status.

Some common reasons include:

1. He Has a Crush on You

Men who have a crush on a woman will often act nervously around her, even if they are not conscious of it. This is because they want to make a good impression and show their interest in her.

Additionally, even when they try to appear calm and collected, their nervousness may still be detectable if one is observant.

Sweating, avoiding eye contact, blushing, fidgeting, and laughing nervously without reason, are some of the common signs that a man is nervous around a woman due to a crush on her.

2. He Has a Shy Personality

There are men with naturally shy and introverted personalities, who may become nervous around women due to their gentle nature. This is a common behavior for them.

The level of nervousness they feel around a woman they are interested in, tends to increase proportionally to the level of their attraction towards her.

Signs that a man may be a naturally shy person include shuffling feet, rubbing their face and hands, and avoiding direct eye contact with the woman. These behaviors may indicate nervousness due to their introverted nature.

3. Your Looks Intimidate Him

Regardless of a man's personality, if he finds a woman attractive, he may become nervous around her. This can happen to both shy and outgoing men.

A woman's physical appearance can have a strong impact on men, making them nervous and weak in the knees. A simple smile or eye contact can be enough to trigger this reaction.

If a man is generally composed, but quickly breaks eye contact and blushes, it is likely that his nervousness is caused by attraction to a woman's physical appearance.

4. You Have a Higher Social Status Than Him

Men may become nervous around a woman who has a larger social circle or higher social status, whether in school, work, or in their community. This can cause them to act nervously.

A man may become nervous around a woman who has a higher level of achievement, such as being an honors student, having a higher position at work, or being more popular than him. This may be because he perceives the woman as being "better" than him.

To help ease the nervousness a man may feel in this situation, a woman can make eye contact, smile, and try not to make him feel intimidated or insignificant. This can help to create a more comfortable and relaxed interaction.

5. He is Scared You're Judging Him

Contrary to popular belief, men and women experience similar concerns and anxieties in relationships, and men are just as likely to worry about seemingly small issues.

If a man is worried that a woman is judging him for something, he may become nervous when the topic or situation related to his concern comes up. This nervousness can manifest in various ways such as fidgeting, avoiding eye contact, or changing the subject.

6. He Wants to Ask You/Know About Something

On the other hand, a man's desire to ask a woman a question or for something can also cause nervousness and anxiety. This can manifest in the form of fidgeting, stuttering, or avoiding the subject altogether.

A man may become anxious around a woman if he wants to know more about her personal information, such as her plans for school or her relationship status on social media. This nervousness could manifest in various ways such as fidgeting, avoiding eye contact, or changing the subject.

On the positive side, if a man is truly interested in a woman and has some courage, he will eventually overcome his anxiety and ask the questions he wants to know the answers to.

7. He's Worried You Won't Like the Real Him

Another common reason why guys may act nervous around a woman is because they are concerned that the woman won't like their true selves. They may be self-conscious about their interests, hobbies, or personalities, and this can cause them to act nervous or anxious around the woman.

If a man believes that a woman would not be interested in his true self, he may start to think about ways to alter his appearance or behavior to try to impress her. This can create a lot of nervousness and anxiety for him, since he wants to make a good impression but is afraid of being rejected for who he truly is.

This will help him feel more secure and confident in himself, which will reduce his nervousness around you. Additionally, it's important to be open and honest with him about who you are and what you're looking for in a relationship, as this will help him understand if you are truly compatible and if he should be himself around you.

8. He Wants to Tell You Something

This could be a personal problem, a secret, or even a confession of feelings. The guy may be hesitant to open up to you, and this can cause him to be nervous and anxious when around you. The best way to handle this is to create a comfortable and safe environment for him to open up in, and show him that you are willing to listen and support him. Encourage him to be honest and open with you, and let him know that you value his trust and confidence.

In these cases, guys may act increasingly nervous or strange until they can finally express what they want to tell you or share with you. They may feel like they can't or shouldn't share their thoughts, which can cause them to act anxiously around you.

9. He's Not Very Good At Talking To Girls

Men may struggle with communication when interacting with women, which may come as a surprise to some.

Some men have difficulty communicating with women to the point where the mere presence of a woman causes them to experience a mental block and repeatedly think "oh my god" and "I don't know what to say."

In such situations, one may feel uncertain whether to laugh or cry. However, the best course of action is to try not to make the situation worse for them.

Making eye contact and smiling may be helpful, but it could also cause them to become flustered and forget what they were going to say next.

10. He Has Something Going on in His Life

Everyone is vulnerable to the unexpected events that life throws at us at random times, including the men we are interested in.

When they are dealing with personal issues, they may become anxious and uneasy when around you.

This behavior may appear sudden, causing you to question your actions. However, there is little you can do except to support him and wait for the situation to improve.

11. He is Thinking About Making a Move

Just before men summon the courage to initiate physical contact, such as holding your hand or kissing your cheek, they may exhibit signs of nervousness.

If a man is considering making a move on you, he may become increasingly nervous or flushed as he gets closer to you physically.

If this is the case, taking a small step towards him or making and maintaining eye contact for a few seconds may encourage him to take action.


What does it mean when guys get nervous around you?

There are numerous reasons why men may become nervous around a woman. Some of the most common include having a romantic interest, wanting to express or ask something, feeling intimidated by the woman's appearance, and worrying that the woman will not accept their true selves.

Why is my crush so nervous around me?

It is common for a person to feel nervous around their crush. Factors such as uncertainty of acceptance, attraction to their appearance, and lack of dating experience can contribute to this behavior. However, if your crush is not nervous around you, it may be worth questioning how strong their interest in you truly is.

How do you know if he's "catching feelings" for you?

Recognizing when a man is developing feelings for you is not as difficult as you might think. Signs to look for include him trying to be near you as much as possible, staying in regular contact with you, checking in on you frequently, making frequent eye contact, and smiling.