11 Reasons Guys Act Mean After Rejection (And What To Do)

Masculinity drives men, and rejection can be a severe blow to their self-esteem and sense of identity.

When rejected, men often react by acting meanly.

Here are 11 more reasons why men may act mean after rejection, and what you can do about it.


1. Their Masculinity Feels Stomped On

Men frequently derive a significant sense of power from their masculinity, so when this source of strength is challenged, it can quickly lead to negative behavior. Rejection attacks their very core as a man and creates feelings of insecurity and inadequacy.

2. They Are In Disbelief

In some cases, men may not even be aware of their mean behavior after being rejected by someone they are/were attracted to. Their reaction may extend to those around them, not just the source of rejection. The best you can do for them, if you want to help, is to be a supportive friend and be understanding.

3. They Think You Are Rude

Rejection can cause men to view it as a personal affront and an act of rudeness. If a man feels he has done everything right in pursuing someone he desires, it can be difficult for him to comprehend why he was rejected, leading him to lash out.

4. They Are Depressed

When things don't go as planned with their partners or interests, guys may become depressed and sometimes this leads to them exhibiting hostile behavior towards others. It can be challenging to address this behavior as anything said may be misinterpreted until they feel better.

5. They Feel Foolish

Rejection can leave some guys feeling embarrassed and foolish, and how they handle it can vary. Some quickly move on, while others let the rejection affect their mood and behavior for days, weeks or even months. These individuals may become mean towards those who rejected them.

6. They're Confused About Things

Mean behavior from guys isn't always deliberate and sometimes, they act out without realizing it. This is often the case when they are confused about a rejection, leading to an aggressive or grouchy demeanor. Understanding their emotions can help change their behavior for the better or worse.

7. They Are Trying To Appear Strong

In an effort to appear strong, guys may become mean when their masculinity is brought into question, even if only in their own mind. Dealing with these mean guys can be done by boosting their ego.

8. They Want To Make You Hurt

Some guys exhibit mean behavior regardless of rejection, and when faced with it, they may become even meaner. In such cases, it's best to distance oneself from these individuals as they may want to cause pain in return.

9. They Have A Huge Ego

Every individual has a sense of self-importance, however, some have an inflated sense of self. Rejecting such an individual can result in a significant reaction, much like popping a balloon the size of Texas. The extent of their meanness is proportional to the impact of the rejection on their ego and their level of maturity.

10. They Think You Need Conditioning

Some men desire to have complete control over their partners at all times. When faced with rejection, even on small issues, they may view it as an indication that their partner requires further manipulation. This often involves exhibiting abusive behavior.

11. They Don't Know How Else To Act

Men may not always have control over their actions, despite their appearance of being in control. They may resort to mean behavior as a result of rejection, particularly if the rejection was unexpected. The more surprising the rejection, the more intense their meanness may be.


With this understanding of why men behave meanly after rejection, here are a few tips on how to handle it:

- Attempt to comprehend the reason behind their hurt and meanness.

- Defend yourself assertively.

- Avoid worsening the situation.

- Reassert your stance.

- Seek information from his friends or family.

Ultimately, if he truly likes you, he will probably return to a normal demeanor.


How Does A Rejected Man Act?

Every individual is unique, yet there are some common responses men exhibit when facing rejection: embarrassment, foolishness, pain, and hostility. Regrettably, even the nicest man may exhibit hostile behavior after being rejected. But the silver lining is that many men are mature enough to quickly get over it. Conversely, immature men may struggle to move past the rejection from you (if they ever do!).

What Does Rejection Do To Guys?

Rejection runs counter to what men's egos anticipate from others, particularly from women/individuals they find appealing and intriguing. In their minds, rejection results in disappointment, pain, and bewilderment. Mature men accept it as it is and move forward.

Does Rejection Make Men Hate You?

While rejection can lead some men to hold a grudge against you, it typically just upsets them. Most men are able to overcome being rejected relatively fast, but that isn't always the case. Some may hold resentment against you, your associates, and your loved ones due to the rejection.