11 Reasons Guys Act Like Jerks When They Like You (And How To Respond)

It is a well-known fact that guys can act unkindly towards others, including their closest friends and the person they are attracted to. This article will delve into the 11 reasons why men act this way when they have feelings for someone and provide advice on how to handle the situation.


1. He's Confused About His Feelings Towards You

Like anyone else, men can be uncertain about their emotions. When they behave in a rude manner towards someone they like, it may be because they are confused about their feelings towards that person, a potential relationship, or even their life in general.

2. He Doesn't Want You To Know He Likes You

Another reason why some men act like jerks when they are attracted to someone is to conceal their feelings. They may believe that by acting in an unpleasant manner, the person they like will not discover their attraction.

Gentlemen, this tactic is not effective. Women are often aware of a man's feelings, even if he tries to hide it. There is no need to try to deceive someone in this manner.

3. He Thinks You're Better Than Him

Surprisingly, even when a guy likes someone, he may act like a jerk due to feelings of inadequacy. For instance, he may believe that the person is superior to him in some way, such as being better at sports or having attended a more prestigious school.

This sense of inferiority could stem from the person having a nicer car or a higher-paying job. If a guy feels inferior to someone due to these factors, it's likely that he will exhibit jerky behavior on occasion, especially when certain topics come up.

4. He Likes You But Not Like You Think

It is common for a man to be disinterested in us in a way that we may not always notice. Sometimes, this can result in them being unpleasant.

The man may want something from us or his feelings towards us may have changed, but we may still believe that he is deeply invested in us. In reality, he may not feel the same way.

In these scenarios, the more we give the impression that we think they are interested in us, the more they may behave unkindly to let us know that their feelings are not as we believe.

5. He's Into You And Jealous Of Other Guys

When a man is truly invested in us, he may become jealous of any other man who spends time around us.

The more time we spend away from him and around other men, whether it be at school, work, or elsewhere, he may become unhappy about the situation and act out in a rude manner.

It is important to keep in mind that even the best of men can experience jealousy, so just because a man may be considered a "prince charming," it does not mean that he won't become irritable at times due to us spending time around other men.

6. He Enjoys Your Attention

Regrettably, some individuals discover early on that acting out results in receiving additional attention.

At times, when guys behave badly towards us for no apparent cause, and we recognize that they hold strong feelings for us, it might be that they are attempting to grab our attention but going about it in the wrong manner.

Fortunately, such guys tend to grow out of this behavior as they mature.

7. He's Playing Games

There will always be some guys who take great pleasure in causing mental distress to others. Such guys may or may not like you, but either way, they will subject you to their twisted mind games.

Similar to how a kleptomaniac cannot resist stealing from a 7-11 every time they visit, these guys will behave rudely towards anyone, even those they love deeply.

8. He Isn't Ready For A Real Relationship

Not all guys are prepared to handle the level of commitment and communication required for a stable and long-term relationship.

If a man believes that you are searching for a long-term commitment and he is not prepared for it, he may exhibit behavior that makes you question the idea.

On the other hand, if he is truly interested in you, he will stay and eventually become open to the possibility of a long-term relationship.

9. He Just Wants To Hookup Already

Some men may just want casual relationships and move on, and if things are not going as planned, they may act out of character.

If this is the case with your partner, it's crucial to identify other signs indicating that he just wants sex, and make a decision that aligns with your own desires, whether that be continuing the relationship or ending it.

10. He's Scared Of Being Hurt Again

Women have hurt men just as much as men have hurt women, even though it may not appear so.

Many men are also afraid of being hurt again if they enter into a serious relationship.

As the relationship progresses and moves closer to being a real one, he may start to act more erratically.

11. He Hasn't Grown-Up Yet

Every individual matures at a different pace. As a result, not all the guys we date are fully mature or have reached adulthood yet.

If you have feelings for a guy and can tell he feels the same way, but he's not fully mature, be prepared for a scenario where he alternates between being a jerk and a nice guy.


Having discussed the reasons why guys act like jerks when they like someone, here are ways to respond to such behavior:

- First and foremost, confirm if he's genuinely being a jerk.

- If he is, communicate your concern and express how his behavior is affecting you.

- If necessary, remove yourself from the situation.

- Expect him to explain his behavior or accept that he's acting like a jerk.

- Be open to hearing his side of the story, even if you don't agree with it.

- If he continues to act in a jerk-like manner, learn to accept it and let it go.

- Don't normalize such behavior.


Why Do Guys Suddenly Act Interested?

There could be countless reasons why a guy suddenly shows interest, seemingly out of the blue. He may have overcome his fear of rejection and decided to share his feelings, realized his true feelings for you, or taken advantage of your recent single status.

Why Do Guys Come On Strong Then Pull Away?

Guys may come on strong and then pull away for many reasons, primarily fear and uncertainty. Mind games, confusion, not knowing their own feelings, and changes of heart may also contribute to a guy acting in this manner in a relationship.

How Do Guys Hint That They Like You?

Guys show their affection for someone in their own unique ways. One guy may stand close to you at school or work, while another may text you first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Other indications of interest include frequent smiles, regular gifts or surprises, and genuine friendship and support.