11 Reasons Guys Act Different Around Their Friends (#7 Is Shocking)

The fact that men behave differently in the presence of their friends is widely known. But what could be the reason for this change in behavior? Read on to find out.


Want to understand why your man acts differently when he is with his friends?

Here are the reasons:

1. It's Just A "Guy Thing", And Nothing Personal

When asked the reason behind this change in behavior, a significant number of men stated that it is simply part of being a man.

They didn't go into much detail about what this means, but some of them did say that their partners should not be concerned about it and that it is not a major issue.

Whether this behavior is due to genetics, a characteristic written in the male DNA, or a result of modern social conditioning, if a large number of men see it as simply being part of being a man, who are we to question this answer?

2. Their Friends Were There Before You Were

Men who have spent years building relationships with their friends will almost always act differently in their presence.

This does not necessarily mean it is all bad or even bad at all. But it does mean that there is little chance of avoiding this behavior.

So, you may need to accept the fact that your partner may behave one way when he is with you and differently when he is with his friends.

This further supports the number one reason on our list: it's just a guy thing.

3. They Don't Want To Reveal Their True Self

Believe it or not, many men have confessed that they act differently around their friends because they do not want to reveal their true self.

This may sound terrible, but they claim that this is not as bad as it sounds: they just want their friends to continue liking them for who they think they are.

Many guys may have an inclination to reveal their more intimate emotions to their friends, particularly if it involves matters of the heart.

This reluctance stems from the fear of appearing weak or vulnerable, particularly among male friends. They often strive to maintain a perception of strength, aloofness, self-sufficiency, and masculinity.

4. They Are Not Yet Fully Mature (Mentally)

If you happen to be dating a younger man or one who acts youthful, he may not have achieved full maturity yet.

However, it's important to note that despite this, guys will always have their quintessential guy behavior and may act differently around their closest friends.

But, when a guy attains genuine maturity, he becomes less likely to act differently in front of different people, including his friends.

5. He Is "Showing Off" To Earn Respect

Many guys seize opportunities to boast in front of their friends, mainly to assert dominance and gain the respect of their peers.

Such actions are often fueled by machismo and the desire for admiration from their friends.

Sometimes, the motive behind this can be darker and rooted in a desire to flaunt an attractive romantic partner.

6. He Thinks It's What His Friends Expect/Demand From Him

A guy can present one personality to you and then, as soon as he's in the company of his friends, he becomes a completely different person.

This sudden transformation may be a result of the expectations and demands he perceives from his friends.

He has likely known his friends for a longer period than he has known you and believes they view him in a particular light.

When he is around his friends, he is not acting based on your relationship, but rather trying to maintain the image he has always projected onto them.

7. They Don't Want To Be Seen As "Whipped"

One of the most significant and absurd reasons for men to behave differently in front of their friends is the fear of being perceived as "whipped".

That's right, ladies - all that quirky or macho conduct is simply to avoid being seen as whipped by his friends.

It's a ridiculous situation that makes us question whether to laugh or cry, but it is what it is.

Guys simply don't want to be labeled as whipped by their closest friends.

8. His Friends Know Things He Doesn't Want You To Find Out

When a man has a tight-knit group of friends, there is a high chance that they all have some confidential information about each other.

He may exhibit strange behavior around certain friends to conceal information he doesn't want you to know about.

In such cases, it's challenging to predict how his behavior may change if he becomes increasingly concerned about you discovering the truth.

9. He Is Secretly "Into" One Of His Friends

If a man has a secret crush on one of his friends, it could have been going on even before he met you.

Regardless of how long he has been harboring feelings for this friend, whenever you're both present, he may act differently without even realizing it.

If you suspect that this is the reason for his changed behavior, pay close attention to how he acts when the other friend is around. It might provide insight into who he is truly interested in.

10. They Are Afraid Or Nervous About Something

Sometimes a man may act differently around his friends when he is anxious or apprehensive about a situation.

The actual cause of his worry and fear is usually unknown until after the fact.

He may be concerned about one of his friends attracting your attention or nervous about how his friends will welcome you into their group.

11. He Doesn't Respect You As Much As You Think He Does

It's possible that your guy does not hold you in as high regard as you believed.

Having a good time and acting macho with his buddies is not necessarily a sign that he doesn't value you or respect you.

However, there can be a fine line between playful teasing and ridicule. If that line is frequently crossed, it may indicate that he doesn't think highly of you.



There are countless reasons why guys may act tough around their friends. They don't want to seem vulnerable in front of other men, it's just part of being a guy. They may also be trying to impress their friends or make them laugh. Additionally, they may act even more macho around male friends as opposed to a mixed group of friends.


Guys often give subtle cues to show they're into you. Some common ones include constant communication, looking out for you, and being genuinely interested in your life. Other hints could include teasing, sarcasm, and occasional awkward moments in casual conversation.


Regrettably, it's not uncommon for guys to ghost their partners to hang out with the boys. While it's not a flattering habit, some guys would rather avoid contact with you until they're done with their friends. If your guy is mature, you won't have to experience ghosting for his friends.