11 Obvious Signs He's Never Had A Real Girlfriend


You may have started dating a wonderful guy, but you have a nagging feeling that he lacks experience in the dating department. While he hasn't explicitly stated that he's a perpetual bachelor, it's apparent that he's not well-versed in matters of the heart. This article outlines 11 indications that he has never been in a serious relationship before and how this might affect your relationship.

1. He jumps right in

An inexperienced guy in the dating world may be overly eager to start a relationship and could potentially rush into one without taking things slow. He might come on too strong or speed through the initial stages of dating. Although this isn't necessarily negative, it could result in skipping crucial foundational stages of the relationship.

2. He can't communicate

A guy who has never been in a genuine relationship may display his inexperience by struggling with communication. He may not have encountered relationship disagreements or have had to compromise before, making communication challenging. This could potentially create awkward situations. Ideally, he will quickly adapt and learn, as you wouldn't want to become his teacher in this aspect.

3. He invites you to group dates

If a new guy you've met continuously invites you to group dates instead of spending alone time with you, it could indicate he's afraid to date. He may require the company of his friends to feel more confident and reassured. However, over time, this could make you feel like you're dating someone who's not ready for a serious relationship. It might leave you wondering why he isn't willing to spend one-on-one time with you.

4. He lacks confidence

In addition to needing his friends to feel confident, he might also demand frequent reassurance from you about your satisfaction with him or even just your interest in him. This can become exhausting over time, leaving you feeling like you're acting as his girlfriend or babysitter.

5. He makes dating mistakes

It's expected for a guy who lacks dating experience to require practice to refine his skills. Therefore, don't be taken aback if he overwhelms you with too much romance in the initial stages of dating, resembling a love bomber, or his text communication is erratic. This doesn't necessarily imply that he would be a terrible boyfriend, but rather that he's uncertain how to be one at the outset.

6. He's way too available

A guy who's embarking on his first genuine relationship might desire to spend a lot of time with you, making himself available whenever you want to meet. While this may seem charming, it could also raise concerns that he's too eager for a relationship and would date anyone. It's vital to ensure that he maintains his own life, just as you should with yours.

7. He lets you take the lead

While it's commendable to assume responsibility for your relationship, you don't want to feel like you're solely responsible for everything. An inexperienced guy may struggle to take the lead, possibly due to a lack of confidence.

8. He hogs your phone

Does it appear that he's constantly bombarding you with new text messages and phone calls? If you're dating a guy who is inexperienced, he may not know how to take the lead, but the guy you're currently with might be overly confident and eager to rush into the relationship. It's evident that he lacks the balanced approach that comes with having more dating experience.

9. He doesn't define the relationship

You may notice that when you try to establish boundaries or clarify your relationship, he is unsure of how to proceed, or he may not even know what he truly wants. As someone who has never been in a serious relationship, he lacks the experience to understand his own desires and level of commitment he's seeking.

10. He's on a different page

Building on the previous point, you may feel like you and this guy are completely out of sync and not on the same page. This can leave you feeling uncertain about the future of your relationship. While you have the skills to navigate conflicts and know what you want in a partner for a healthy relationship, your partner may be lagging behind.

11. He doesn't talk about his dating history

Although you may be concerned that he's not opening up about his past relationships due to toxicity or hiding something, it's possible that he simply has no relationship history to share. He may be hesitant to disclose this information, fearing your reaction. It's essential to ask him about his past before assuming he's never had a girlfriend. While it's not necessarily a dealbreaker if he's never been in a serious relationship, it may be if he exhibits any of the behaviors outlined in this article.