11 Obvious Signs He Doesn't Take Relationships Seriously

If you're feeling serious about him and hoping to take your relationship to a more committed level, it's possible that he may be content with a more casual arrangement. To determine if he's not serious about relationships, be on the lookout for these 11 indicators.

1. He's Extremely Lazy

If he's failing to put forth effort, such as not following through on his promises to call or text you and frequently forgetting important dates, it's a strong indication that he isn't interested in a serious relationship with you or anyone else. What could be the reason for his behavior?


2. He Has To Be Chased

Related to the previous point, if you find yourself constantly chasing after him like he's a child, always having to check if he'll show up for your date and ensuring he won't leave you hanging like he did previously, it's understandable that you'd feel exhausted. It's likely due to the fact that you're expending too much energy trying to keep up with him.


3. He Jokes About Relationships

A person's sense of humor can reveal much about their character. If this guy frequently makes jokes about relationships and love, or expresses how great it is to be single, it may not bode well for his desire to be in a committed relationship or to envision a future with you. Similarly, if he tends to make fun of his married friends or makes negative comments about marriage overall, this could be a cause for concern.


4. He Takes You For Granted

When a man is truly committed to you, he'll demonstrate his love and appreciation for you and all that you do for him. For example, if you take care of him when he's sick and he doesn't express gratitude, or if you feel like your efforts are constantly undervalued, it's an indication that he may not be a suitable partner. Perhaps he's simply a selfish individual, but this type of behavior does not align with the qualities one looks for in a boyfriend.


5. His Ex Files Are A Mess

A man's past relationships can reveal a great deal about his attitudes towards relationships and his level of commitment to you. If his dating history is rife with angry or bitter women, whom he dismisses as "crazy," it's likely that he himself is the root of the issue.

6. He Keeps His Life Under Wraps

If you sense that you know your partner but not to the extent that you desire, it's possible that he's purposefully keeping you at a distance to avoid emotional intimacy. After months of dating, you shouldn't have to constantly pry for information about his life. A man who is serious about you will be more forthcoming and willing to be vulnerable with you.


7. He's Allergic To Labels

The guy who refuses to label his relationships is a familiar trope. If he claims that he doesn't like or require relationship labels, it's a warning sign that he's not committed to the idea of being in a serious relationship, and it's unlikely that he will change his stance for you.

8. He Goes With The Flow

If your partner appears to be incredibly laid-back when it comes to relationships and rarely takes the initiative to contact you, it's possible that he isn't interested in pursuing a committed relationship. He would need to demonstrate more assertiveness and leadership, but it seems that he may not be interested in doing so. Additionally, examining his past relationships may reveal that women have frequently had to take the lead and ask him out.


9. He's A Bit Party Guy

Partying hard on the weekends is perfectly acceptable, but if your partner is always hitting up the club and getting drunk with his buddies, it's unlikely that he's interested in spending quiet evenings with you or settling down anytime soon.

10. He's Childish

If your partner is excessively childish, it's a strong indication that he's not interested in committing to a relationship. He may enjoy playing practical jokes and spending time with his friends doing silly things to amuse one another. However, if he still relies on his mother to do his laundry or struggles to manage his finances, it's doubtful that he has the maturity required to be a good boyfriend.


11. He's Always Got His Hand On The Exit Button

If your partner is quick to bail out on situations, it's a clear indication that he's not interested in putting in the work required for a serious relationship. When faced with an argument or disagreement with his partner, he's likely to disappear rather than deal with the issue. While he may be afraid of commitment or may simply be avoiding drama, his behavior indicates that he's not ready for a mature, grown-up relationship.