11 Easy To Miss Signs That Someone Is Not Ready To Date

If you have a suspicion that your new partner is not quite ready for a relationship, pay attention to the following warning signs. Even though you are certain they are interested in you, it's important to determine whether they are emotionally prepared for a committed relationship.

1. They're Extremely Inconsistent

It's a rollercoaster ride with your new flame: one minute they are all in, and the next they are nowhere to be found. They are unpredictable and have a tendency to act on their emotions, leaving you feeling uncertain about where you stand. This is not only unfair to you but is also a strong indication that they are not ready for a relationship.

2. They Shut Down Or Isolate During Stressful Times

When challenges arise, you are eager to work together with your partner to find a solution. But your partner has a different approach: they withdraw or disappear when things get tough. They only stick around when everything is going well, and when the going gets rough, they are nowhere to be found. This behavior is a clear indication that they are not prepared to date.

3. They're Still Hurting Hard From A Past Relationship

It's common to have emotional scars and baggage from past relationships - it comes with the territory of love. However, when the pain is still raw and intense, it can be a problem. Whether it's due to a recent breakup or an unresolved attachment to an old flame, these circumstances do not bode well for someone looking to date.

4. They Make You Feel Unsettled

Your intuition, or gut, is a reliable mechanism deep within you that guides you through various situations. If someone makes you uneasy, it's a sign that they may not be suitable for you. Feeling uncomfortable around them regularly suggests that something is off with them, and they may not be ready to date you.

5. They Avoid Meeting Your Friends Or Family And Avoid Having You Meet Theirs

The situation seems rather dubious. Despite spending considerable time with your partner for some time now, they exhibit a reluctance to engage with your loved ones. They seem apprehensive about the prospect of meeting your friends, and have no intention of introducing you to their own. Such behavior is peculiar and may indicate an underlying issue on your partner's part.

6. They Treat You Like A Sex Object

If your partner treats you like an object, it's disrespectful, and you should not excuse it. Some people may mistake this behavior as good sex or someone being highly sexual, but in reality, it shows that they're inconsiderate and unfair. Someone who's only interested in sex is not ready to be in a relationship.

7. They Don't Know What They Want

If your partner is unclear about what they want, it's a sign that they're not ready to be in a committed relationship. They may avoid answering direct questions about whether they want a relationship or just a hookup. This vagueness can be frustrating and confusing, and it's important to recognize that they may not be ready to share their intentions with you.

8. They're Mysterious

They keep everything concealed. Their past relationships and even their friendships are unknown to you. While you might have believed that enigmatic behavior was alluring, it often results in bafflement. Do they have something to hide? Or are they simply an eccentric individual? Is it possible for you to ever find out?

9. They Have No Friends

While it may seem unrelated, it is crucial to consider whether someone has friends when evaluating their readiness for dating. Individuals who lack a social network may also lack emotional support, hindering their ability to process their feelings in a healthy manner. Consequently, this can lead to an unhealthy dating dynamic, and they may not be prepared to engage in a relationship.

10. They're Telling You They're Not Available

It may seem like a simple concept, but many of us struggle with accepting things as they are. If someone clearly expresses that they are not prepared for a relationship, it's essential to believe them. Continuing to pursue a romantic connection despite their honest communication is not in your best interest. Save yourself the trouble and take their words at face value.

11. They Refuse To Do PDA At All

This one is tricky since they can be quite affectionate in private. However, they distance themselves from you when in the company of others. Clearly, they are not ready for a serious relationship.