11 Best Places To Kiss A Woman That'll Drive Her Crazy

There's nothing quite like the feeling of intimacy that comes with a perfectly timed physical touch. Kissing is a classic way to show affection, and when executed with skill, it can be absolutely mind-blowing. If you're looking to turn a woman on and send her over the edge, consider trying some of these top spots to kiss her.

1. Neck

If you want to arouse a woman, the neck is a go-to erogenous zone to kiss. Begin with gentle, teasing kisses along her neck, especially the nape area below and behind her ear. As things heat up, don't hesitate to explore with your tongue and teeth for maximum effect.

2. Along her spine

Undoubtedly, kissing a woman along her spine is one of the most thrilling spots to explore. Blindfolding can be exciting for some because the element of surprise adds to the thrill. Similarly, kissing along her spine, which is a sensitive and rarely touched area, can create a sense of vulnerability and intimacy. It's an exciting and arousing spot to explore, as it's beyond her line of sight and touch.

3. Hands

Kissing a woman's hand is a classic gesture of chivalry that doesn't have to be formal or scripted like in the movies. It's a romantic, affectionate, and gentlemanly act that can make a woman feel cared for and appreciated. It can be done casually while doing other things or as a gentle reminder of your presence and touch. This intimate yet subtle gesture can also make a woman feel safe and protected in a world that pressures her to be strong and independent. Kissing her hand allows her to embrace her feminine side and feel comfortable in her vulnerability.

4. Knees

Kissing a woman's knees is a personal favorite of mine as it conveys both sexual desire and admiration. Any area below her waist, such as her feet, legs, or hips, can have the same effect. Being down there, with her looking down at you, feels like a form of worship, a way of appreciating her beauty in all its entirety. It's an intimate gesture that can make a woman feel desired and adored. Plus, being at her knees puts you in an ideal position to move your lips just a bit northward, which can make things even hotter.

5. Shoulders

Kissing a woman's shoulders is a subtle yet suggestive way to show affection, especially when you're in public. It's a sweet and innocent gesture that can also serve as a prelude to more serious kissing. It's a perfect move when you want to ease into things and test the waters without being too obvious. It's just intimate enough to be a tease, sending a message that things can go further if she's interested.

6. Ears

To really give your partner goosebumps and make her shiver with excitement, kiss her ears. The sensation of your breath and lips on such a sensitive area can be incredibly arousing, and it taps into the power of the senses to turn her on. Try to focus on the area behind her ears too, as it's especially sensitive and can be highly erotic. This is a surefire way to make her catch her breath and feel all sorts of sensations.

7. Forehead

A kiss on the forehead is a sweet and endearing way to show a woman that she's precious to you. It conveys a sense of warmth, comfort, and security, and it's a gesture that can make her feel cherished and reassured. It's a way to show her that you're there for her and that you care deeply about her without making her feel disempowered or overwhelmed.

8. Lips

Lastly, there's the classic lip-on-lip kiss that should not be underestimated. It's straightforward, timeless, and incredibly intimate. There's something about pressing your lips against someone else's that makes it one of the most intimate acts two people can share. So, don't underestimate the power of a good old-fashioned smooch, even if you're trying to be more creative in your kissing techniques.

9. Inner thighs

This is undoubtedly one of the most erotic places to kiss a woman. Gentle kisses along this area, moving upward, can excite her for what's to come. Slowly pepper those kisses and add in some gentle licks. Be prepared to go down on her afterward, as she'll be begging for it by the time you're done.

10. The folds of her arms

Similar to the area behind her knees, the folds of a woman's arm are also sensitive due to the thinner skin in the area. While it may not seem like the sexiest spot to kiss, taking the time to give attention to this area as you make your way up or down her body can be an unexpected and pleasurable experience for her.

11. Rib cage

Once again, the rib cage is an excellent spot to kiss. It's located just below her breasts and on the way to her pubic area. Kissing this delicate area can be extra sexy and may cause her to squirm in pleasure.