11 Awesome Traits Of A Highly Sensitive Person

11 Awesome Traits Of A Highly Sensitive Person

If you seem to take more time to make decisions, find it hard to concentrate with noise around you, and are always hearing people telling you to stop 'taking things too personally' and to stop being 'too sensitive' then know that you are amazing in a number of ways.

First of all, although it might seem there aren't many people of your kind, understand that 20% of the people you meet are HSPs (Highly Sensitive Persons). Most importantly, it means you have some unique and amazing traits. For instance:

1. Your Emotional Reactions Are Magnified

When it comes to emotional reactions such as showing compassion, you will always feel more deeply than most people. While this is great for positive emotions, it is somewhat of a setback when you are undergoing negative emotions.

2. Making Decisions Is Hard For You

You will have a bigger problem making decisions, even when there is no wrong answer. That is because you are so detail-oriented, which is by no means a bad thing. It's just that you like to consider all the factors before you make a decision. However, once you make a decision, and you are faced with the same question in the future, you will be quick to provide an answer.

3. You Are Not Necessarily An Introvert

Although about 70% of all sensitive people are introverts, the other group is not. However, odds are that these people were brought up in environments where they had to interact with other people in social settings.

4. You Find Annoying Sounds Particularly Irritating

To you, everything is magnified. Therefore, even annoying sounds other people might find tolerable are often unbearable to you.

5. You Are More Likely To Experience Anxiety

Often times, sensitivity is brought about by bad childhood experiences that make you feel less safe around people. This can make you anxious.

6. You Have Good Manners

Because sensitive people think things over, they are more likely to be considerate of their behavior towards others.

7. You Are Very Intuitive

You feel a lot more deeply than most people. That is because you will try to go deeper than most people to understand something, and you will, therefore, resolve mysteries most people cannot.

8. You Get Questions About Your Sensitivity All The Time

In Western culture, sensitive people are often mocked, they are asked to stop taking things personally all the time. But in some cultures, these people are actually respected for their unique traits.

9. You Prefer Self-employment Or A Secluded Working Space

If you are a highly sensitive person, then you might like to work from home – unlike many people. That is because you like having control over what goes on in your life. If you cannot work from home, you always prefer working from a quiet cubicle where you are less likely to encounter any distractions.

10. You Play Well In A Team

Because you can process ideas and thoughts more deeply, you make an excellent team player. However, your sluggish decision making might make you less ideal for such roles within teams.

11. You Take Criticism More Deeply Than Most People

Although less sensitive people will easily brush off critical comments and move on with life, highly sensitive people might have a problem doing so. If you are highly sensitive, you might even resort to people-pleasing just to avoid future criticism.