10yo Boy Arrested For Killing Mom Because She Didn't Buy Him A VR Headset

The 10-year-old apologized to his grandma for killing his mother with a gun and asked where the things he purchased online were.

The child's family described him as having anger management problems and hearing voices that aren't there.

A 10-year-old child is accused of killing his mother only because she declined to give him a virtual reality headset, according to the allegations. While she was cleaning the house, the child shot her fatally in the face.

According to criminal charges acquired by the Journal Sentinel, the youngster, whose identity has not been revealed in media sources, was accused of shooting Quiana Mann, 44, at their Milwaukee home from a distance of three feet.

The child reportedly exploited his mother's Amazon account after she died to buy the Oculus VR headgear he desired, which typically costs between $130 and $500.

Later, he apologized to his grandma for taking his mother's life and enquired about the location of the item he had ordered online.

The boy has been charged with first-degree reckless murder and will be prosecuted as an adult. Relatives have characterized the child as having "rage issues" and hearing voices that aren't there.

The boy eventually admitted to the authorities that he had accidentally shot his mother while aiming at the wall "to scare" her.

At a subsequent interview, he acknowledged that he had meant to shoot Mann before killing her in their Hemlock, California, home on 87th Street at around 7:00 AM on November 21.

Brianna, TJ, Brandon, and Noah were among Mann's four children, along with the son who fatally shot her. Which of her sons really shot her is unknown.

According to the lawsuit, he informed his elder sister that their mother had passed away and hid the gun in a cupboard after the occurrence. Brianna immediately dialed 911.

Children as young as 10 can be prosecuted as adults for severe offenses. However, it's possible that the boy's legal counsel will attempt to have the case transferred to a juvenile court.

He is currently being held in a juvenile detention facility, and according to the complaint, he claimed he found the revolver in his mother's bedroom before heading to the basement, where she was washing laundry. He is currently being held in a juvenile detention facility.

He said that just before it fired, he spun the firearm around his finger. A statement from authorities stated that the event was the consequence of a youngster "playing" with a pistol. The boy was permitted to remain with his family.

The next day, worried family members made a call to the police. The boy's aunt reported to the police that when she picked him up, he had obtained various keys, including the key to the lockbox for the pistol.

When she questioned him about the unfortunate incident, the youngster informed the aunt that he pointed the pistol at his mother and that she urged him to put it down.

The aunt continued to inform authorities that her nephew never sobbed or showed any regret and that on the same day, he had even physically assaulted his cousin, who was seven years old.

The investigators re-interviewed the youngster after receiving this new information, and this time he admitted to the authorities that he held the pistol in a shooting position and pointed it at his mother with both hands.

The youngster is being jailed on a $50,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court on December 8. If proven guilty as an adult, he may spend up to 60 years in jail.