101+ I Love You Texts For Him

When was the most recent time you expressed love to your partner? Even if your relationship is going well, it's crucial to continue efforts to make them feel that heart-fluttering, falling in love sensation.

Expressing love to your partner, whether early in the relationship or after years, can be daunting, even through text messages. This is where we can help.

No matter what your relationship status is, you can find below a list of examples of "I love you" messages to send to your man by scrolling down.


"I <3 you."

"Reflecting on how unbelievable it is to have found my soulmate. I feel fortunate :)"

"Is my heart racing due to the thought of my love, or do I have a hammer in my chest?"

"You are the one for me. I love us."

"I felt an intense wave of love for you a moment ago. It's the universe's way of telling me to remind you that I love you."

"Hey babe, do you happen to know CPR? I'm feeling choked up just thinking about how much I love you :P"

"Today, my heart is too distracted to let me focus on anything else. It's too consumed with love for you!"

"Hey baby, are you tired? Because you've been on my mind all day. I'm absolutely obsessed with you!"

"I think I'm turning into a love-hog, keeping all the love for myself. Do you want some? Well then, here it is - I love you!"

"If loving you is wrong, then call me 'leftie', because I'll never be 'right'."

"Are you secretly a wizard who put a love spell on me? Because I never thought it was possible to fall this deeply in love!"

"How did I ever get so lucky to have you? I am grateful to love you."

"I may not have many things, but I love you with everything I am!"

"I've never experienced a love as powerful as the love I feel for you."

"I wish you were holding me right now so that I could listen to your heart's beat, whispering 'I love you' in its unique language."

"I can't believe that I have the privilege to love you and be loved by you. I'm afraid that I'm beginning to get too spoiled."

"I couldn't even imagine a love more flawless than ours in my wildest dreams."

"Can you hear my heart beating from where you are? I swear it's calling out to you." (Note: "s2g" stands for "swear to God")

"I am afflicted with lovesickness, and I hope it never gets cured."

"I question whether my affection for you is transparent to all. It seems like my infatuation is evident in my countenance, as I can't help but blush uncontrollably."

"Upon awakening, a smile adorned my face as thoughts of you flooded my mind. I extend my gratitude for enriching my days with affection."

"You make me feel secure, as if I can fearlessly pursue any venture knowing that you will be by my side, supporting and encouraging me."

"You are my favorite thing in the world, so if I were to bring one thing to a desert island, it would be you."

"Although I'm not capable of writing music, if I could compose a song about my love for you, I'd utilize solely the pleasant notes - the happy ones."

"I'm hesitant to express 'I love you' excessively, but you know what? I'm going to do it. I love you."

"Every single thing about you, I am in love with."

"Get used to hearing me say 'I love you' because I'll be saying it a lot and I hope you enjoy it."

"I don't know if it sounds corny, but you're the initial thought that crosses my mind in the morning and the final one before I drift off to sleep."

"I don't want to sound like the cliché 'you complete me', but it's true - you truly complete me, and I'd be utterly lost without you."

"I never truly understood what it meant to fall in love until I experienced it with you."

"There isn't a single thing I would alter about you, I adore everything about you, every last bit."

"My love for you is endless. I will love you forever, and I could never stop."

"I can't stop smiling, my thoughts are consumed with you. I adore experiencing this feeling, it's all thanks to you. I love you."

"I want to remind you, do you know how much I adore you?"

"If I forget to tell you later, know that I love you so much that it hurts."

"Being your girlfriend fills me with pride, I love belonging to you."

"I'm deeply in love with you, and I wouldn't exchange the life we've created together for anything."

"You're the best thing that ever happened to me, and I have a feeling I'll be reminding you of that often, so get used to it."

"I'm excited to see what our life together will look like. I can't imagine living it with anyone else but you."

"The thought of never having to endure a day without you fills me with love."

"Every time you express your love for me, my love for you grows a little stronger."

"My favorite way of being is loving you."

"I love every single part of you, from head to toe. You are a true masterpiece, a wonder to behold."

"Nobody is flawless, but you're the closest to perfection I've ever come across."

"I wonder what I used to think about before I met you. Hopefully, it wasn't anything crucial because now you occupy all my thoughts."

"My love for you is so intense that it's almost painful, yet it's a beautiful and exquisite agony."

"You embody everything that a man should be. You're a dream come true."

"I have complete faith that we can overcome any challenge as a team. Your steadfastness and stability make me feel safe and loved, you are my rock."

"If there's one thing I could tell you, it's that you mean everything to me."

"Loving you has become my sole purpose, an all-consuming emotion that washes over me like a tidal wave."

"You were in my dream last night, and in it, we were both deeply in love with each other. But wait, that's our reality! How sweet is that?"

"Life can be daunting, but you give me a sense of strength and courage. With you by my side, I feel like I can conquer the world."

"My love for you feels like a superhuman strength, making me capable of anything!"

"Thank you for being the most significant person in my life and consistently fulfilling that role without ever letting me down."

"I take comfort in the fact that we can tackle challenging situations as a team. Our love is something I cherish."

"Being with you inspires me to strive for improvement and measure up to your level. Without a doubt, you are my better half."

"I'm eager to continue creating cherished memories filled with love alongside you."

"If you promise to love me always, I vow to reciprocate that love for eternity."

"I'm immensely thankful for you. If I had a gratitude jar, I'd need to drop a dollar in it every minute of every day because of how much you mean to me."

"Being able to love you is a privilege. I almost feel indulged by the fact that you love me in return."

"I'm not kidding, someone needs to pinch me. Being in love with you is so incredible that it feels like a dream."

"My love's intensity is so powerful that nothing in this world can alter it."

"You are everything I ever wished for in a partner. I feel deeply supported by you."

"I adored you in the past, I love you at present, and I'm excited to cherish who you will evolve into."

"I wonder if there's a record of how many times someone has declared their love to their boyfriend in a day because I believe we can beat it. Here's the first one for today: I love you."

"If our love were a song, it would be the most exquisite melody anyone has ever listened to."

"Regardless of what happens, rest assured that I'll always be on your side, cheering you on. I'm immensely proud of you, and proud to be yours. I love you."

"If we had a chance to do it all over again, I would. Every single part of it. I don't have any regrets about the journey that brought me here, because being with you feels like heaven."

"Pondering about this is making my heart flutter. Can you imagine that? Even after all this time, I'm still completely smitten with you."

"I never imagined that I was capable of experiencing this kind of love, but I'm delighted that I can. Thank you for bringing it out in me."

"Every moment we spend together is extraordinary. I wouldn't exchange any of it, not even one second. I treasure our love like a hoarder."

"Every day, I believe it's impossible to love you more than I did the day before, but you keep proving me wrong. Once again, you've done it."

"I'm actively resisting the temptation to call/text/look at pictures of you all day, and boy, am I exhausted. I guess I'll just give in and send this - I love you :)"

"I'm reminiscing about the day we first met. Can you believe how fortunate we are to have crossed paths? Not to mention falling in love with each other. It's absolutely incredible!"

"Your belief in me makes me feel incredibly strong. You are my pillar of strength."

"I can't imagine my life without you, and I'm grateful that I'll never have to. You mean everything to me."

"My heart belongs to you entirely - every tiny, minuscule piece of it is yours."

"I wish we had met earlier, so I could have spent more of my life loving you."

"Loving you is an incredible gift. It feels like every day is a celebration - a combination of my birthday, Christmas, and Valentine's Day all at once."

"I don't get nervous about obstacles anymore, because I know we'll face them together. It's comforting to know you'll always be there for me."

Your "I love you" is music to my ears, and it fuels me. So, I want you to know that I love you too.

Have I mentioned lately how much I'm in love with you? Because I am, completely and totally!

"I'm sitting here grinning foolishly at my phone because of your text. I love you for making me feel this way."

"I can't help but smile like a fool whenever I receive a text from you. You have a way of making me feel so in love and I'm grateful for it."

"The best guy in the whole world? The first word of this text says it all. I love you!"

"Seeing you or hearing you is all I need to brighten my day. Loving you feels like standing in a ray of sunshine all the time. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy :)"

"I don't know what the future holds, but being with you makes everything feel perfect. I can't wait to build a wonderful life with you one day at a time."

"I used to not believe in soulmates, but meeting you proved me wrong!"

"I choose you every day, now and forever. You're the one I love."

"All the ups and downs of my life have led me to you. Every decision, every event, another step closer to you. I wouldn't change a thing if it meant I would eventually find my way to you."