100 Flirty Good Morning Texts For Him (Send These To Your Crush, Boyfriend Or Husband)

A vast collection of flirty good morning messages to send to your special guy, varying from cute to seductive based on your preferences and the level of intimacy with him.


1. You were the first thing that came to my mind as soon as I woke up.

2. My alarm ruined my dream featuring you last night.

3. Already missing you, and it's only just the start of the day.

4. Wishing you a fantastic day and constantly thinking of you.

5. Wishing you were here to share my bed this morning.

6. I'm still beaming from last night, thank you for giving me a morning filled with happiness.

7. Wishing that your day be as wonderful as you are.

8. Time to rise and shine, but it'd be much more delightful if you were here to snuggle with me.

9. Every day starts off fantastic when I reflect on the fact that you're a part of my life.

10. Wishing for your lips to be here to plant a good morning kiss on me.

11. Good morning! Wishing you a fantastic day ahead.

12. The anticipation for tonight has begun... eager to see you soon.

13. Sending you lots of kisses and hugs on this lovely morning.

14. Thinking of you before bed each night puts a smile on my face each morning.

15. My love, nothing beats beginning the day with you. Sending you love.

16. Thinking of you this morning, I couldn't resist reaching out and sending you a message.

17. Every day starts off well when I recall that we're in this as a team.

18. Did I feature in your dreams last night?

19. You're the one I most enjoy conversing with in the mornings.

20. Sending positive vibes your way every day, starting with this morning.

21. Wishing that you have a smile on your face as you start the day, as I have a big grin thinking of seeing you soon.

22. Sending a message of gratitude for you. Thank you and wishing you a fantastic day.

23. Starting the day by reading your text was the best way to begin my morning.

24. Wake up and take a tantalizing photo to send to me.

25. Wishing you a productive day at work, my love.

26. Good morning. Wishing we could bring the fantasies in my mind to life right now.

27. Today is beautiful because you're a part of my life. Hoping you feel the same way.

28. Can't wait to hold you close in my arms again, counting down the minutes.

29. You set my dreams on fire, can't even imagine what you'd do if you were here with me now...

30. You're so sweet, but nothing compares to how delicious you taste 😉

31. Good morning handsome! Wishing your day flies by, as mine seems to drag when you're not here.

32. Hey cutie, how are you feeling today?

33. Wishing you warmth. I wish I could help in that regard.

34. Thinking of you is my favorite part of the morning.

35. Good morning baby! So happy to have you as mine.

36. Imagining you lying next to me, I could just give you a kiss.

37. Good morning to the most attractive man in my life.

38. Do you feel like having another round tonight? 😉

39. What's your schedule for today? Do I figure into it?

40. I cannot imagine my life without you in it.

41. Thinking of you this morning all day.

42. Good morning! Waking up each day with you in my life is the best thing ever.

43. Sending you love and affection this morning with lots of xoxo. Good morning.

44. Good morning handsome, I feel lucky to be able to text you today.

45. Good morning gorgeous, I eagerly anticipate speaking with you today.

46. Wishing you a day as amazing as you are handsome.

47. Sending positive vibes and best wishes for a fantastic day.

48. Good morning, my love! I hope you had sweet dreams and are ready for a fantastic day. 😊

49. Sending positive vibes and good wishes for an amazing morning because you deserve nothing but the best.

50. Wishing I could savor your flavor as my breakfast this morning.

51. I'm crazy about you, mornings and nights. You already know that, don't you? 😉

52. Waking up to thoughts of you motivates me each morning, but it would be so much more enjoyable if you were by my side. 😉

53. I'm yearning for your hug this morning, come give me one.

54. I eagerly look forward to another day of loving you.

55. Good morning from the world's greatest girlfriend! 😊

56. Good morning! I wish I could skip ahead to tonight when I get to see you.

57. Did you have sweet dreams about me last night, my love?

58. Good morning, my love. Do you miss me yet?

59. I feel weak in the knees just thinking about you this morning.

60. I hope your day is as bright as our shared future holds.

61. I'm daydreaming about you at the moment, and it's making for a fantastic morning.

62. Good morning! I imagine you looking adorable as you wake up.

63. Imagine me kissing you as you wake up this morning.

64. Thinking of you this morning, sending a photo to bring us closer even though we're apart.

65. Even though we're not in the same bed, I feel like we're starting the day together in my thoughts.

66. Wishing you a productive day ahead, love.

67. I just wanted to remind you that you're my favorite.

68. Good morning handsome, let's warm up this chilly day with some steamy texts.

69. My love for you exceeds expression, but I hope this text conveys it sufficiently.

70. Did you sleep well, darling? My day has begun wonderfully already just from thinking of you.

71. Would you mind sending me a picture of you in bed this morning? I'd love to see your cute bedhead.

72. Let's snooze and enjoy a lazy morning together.

73. Can we ditch work and escape together today?

74. It's time for some digital hugs and kisses, good morning my love.

75. Good morning my love, would you like me to bring you breakfast?

76. I may not be a fan of mornings, but I am a fan of you.

77. I'm eagerly waiting for our next kiss.

78. I'm pretending my pillow is you and we're snuggling deeply.

79. Good morning my love. Give me a call so I can hear your irresistible morning voice.

80. Have a fantastic day, and don't forget to put me on your to-do list.

81. I hope your morning coffee tastes extra delicious because you're thinking of me, hahaha.

82. Good morning handsome, what's the weather like where you are?

83. It would be challenging to leave the bed today if you were here with me 😉

84. May this day bring us closer.

85. Sending you love and support for a fantastic day.

86. What's on your schedule for today? I hope it includes me because that's my plan as well.

87. Good morning handsome, I wish we were waking up together today.

88. Baby, it's chilly outside, but I'm warm thinking of us today.

89. You will accomplish amazing things today, remember that.

90. Wishing you a fantastic day from your biggest fan and cheerleader.

91. I'm feeling hectic this morning, but I'll never be too busy to tell you I love you.

92. I can still detect your scent on my sheets, it's heavenly.

93. I'm feeling playful this morning and naturally, I thought of you.

94. Good morning my love! Would you like to come over for breakfast? I'll be serving some dessert. 😉

95. I don't want to leave the bed this morning, you better come over and make it worthwhile. 🙂

96. You deserve to feel loved. Thinking of you all morning, sweetheart.

97. It's a bit chilly this morning, but I'm still feeling warm.

98. You are my inspiration for this wonderful day.

99. I'm not feeling so well this morning. You're so attractive, I think I caught a fever.

100. Do you recall the last time we woke up together? Let's make that happen again.