100 Different Bath Products Found To Have Cancer-Causing Chemicals In Shocking Study

100 Different Bath Products Found To Have Cancer-causing Chemicals In Shocking Study

We love that we have dozens of personal care products to choose from today. Unfortunately, they might be the reason some people walk right into the deadly throes of cancer.

As a country, we have a big problem. Many products that have no business being close to humans are all around our houses to be put into or on our bodies.

Nobody Seems Bothered By This

Center for Environmental Health (CEH) has already proven that personal care products selling at many big retail outlets contain carcinogenic compounds. These include Walmart, Kohl's Babies R Us, and others.

The Particular Chemical Found In These Products Was Cocamide Diethanolamine

In shampoos, bubble baths, shower gels, hand soaps, and other products, this product was discovered to be present again and again.

Unfortunately, products labeled as organic, and therefore not supposed to have any dangerous chemicals, let alone cancer-causing compounds, were also found to have high levels of cocamide DEA.

There was even a lawsuit against the company responsible for this deception. However, the lawsuit was not against the company's use of dangerous chemicals but the use of a misleading label.

That's sad because getting these chemicals removed from these products should be the priority. Changing labels does not do much good.

In Some Products, The Quantities Of This Dangerous Chemical Were Astronomical

In a particular shampoo brand, cocamide DEA was found to stand at 20%.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer determined that this chemical causes cancer based on skin exposure tests done on animals.

While a few lawsuits have been made to help rectify the problem, many companies couldn't care less about the chemical makeup of their products.

Not many have even cared enough to come up with new formulas for their products.

In California, the chemical has been outlawed based on its links to cancer.

People get allergies after exposure to this product, usually as rashes. The worst part is that the chemical can build up in the body and over time, it can cause serious side effects and life-threatening health conditions.

CEH has put out a list of all the products that contain this dangerous compound to warn consumers of the harm they might be inviting into their lives by using them.

A Few Companies Promise That They Will Get Rid Of The Chemical From Their Products

That is clearly a good step in the right direction. They include Michel Design Works, Palmolive/Colgate-Palmolive Co, and Lush.

Hopefully, others will follow suit and ensure that their products do not have any traces of this dangerous chemical in them.

Still, the fact that so many companies are on the list of culprits making products with this carcinogenic compound is a little disconcerting. But this pales in comparison to the uncomfortable fact that many companies are yet to take any evident action and try to come up with products that don't contain this dangerous cancer-causing chemical in them.

All we can say for now is: be careful about the personal care products you are using. You might be accumulating dangerous toxins in your body that might one day cause you cancer if you are not careful.

Going natural doesn't seem like such a terrible idea now, does it?