10-Year-Old Girl Played Dead While Her Entire Family Was Murdered Then Called Her Grandmother For Help

10-Year-Old Girl Played Dead While Her Entire Family Was Murdered Then Called Her Grandmother For Help

After a gory family massacre, only a 10-year-old girl and her brother, aged 1, survived. She managed to escape the attention of the killer by playing dead.

As soon as the attacker was gone, she FaceTimed her grandmother and told her about the bloody ordeal.

She had watched a masked intruder shoot and kill her father and mother and her 6-year-old sister. The girl, who hails from Houston, Texas, escaped with just a gunshot wound to her elbow.


In All Likelihood The Girl Was Still In Shock

Although the girl made the wise decision of telling her grandmother what had transpired, it is possible she was not aware of how serious the situation was at the time the attack happened.

While talking to her grandma after the attacker left, she casually told her someone had gotten into their house and killed her mom, dad, and sister.

By the time responders got to the scene of the massacre, the girl had been in there for around 15 minutes. In all that time, she remained with the bodies.


Grandma Called 911

As soon as the girl told her grandma about the horrific attack, she immediately called the authorities. Houston police officers came to the home at about 10:30 p.m. and discovered the gruesome scene.

Dead bodies were lying about, but the girl and her younger brother were still alive. One additional sibling survived, an 8-year-old brother who was with his uncle when the shooting happened.


Until Now, There's No Clear Suspect Or Motive

As tragic as this attack was, it was also challenging to resolve. All the police could do in the meantime is send their condolences to family members.

The Police Think The Killer Knew The Family On A Personal Level

Once the police got to the scene, it was clear that the attacker had not broken into the apartment. The crime scene did not also indicate any sign of struggle.


For this reason, authorities think that some personal vendetta might have played out during the commission of the crimes.

In a statement, the police said that what happened was "probably not a home invasion." In fact, the authorities did not find any signs of damage.

Still, the police made it clear that all the details regarding the crime scene were yet to be obtained. A suspect is yet to be found, and Crime Stoppers is offering $5,000 to anyone who has information leading to the suspect's capture.


At the moment, surveillance video is being reviewed for clues.