10 Ways To Tell When A Guy Is Flirting With You


Are you currently in a situation where you have feelings for a guy but are unsure if he feels the same way? It's not uncommon for guys to be subtle when they like someone, making it difficult to determine their feelings. However, by paying attention to subtle cues, you can identify if he's flirting with you. Here are some common ways guys tend to flirt.

1. Asking You Questions

One way to determine if a guy is interested in you is by observing how he interacts with you. Does he ask questions about your life and genuinely listen to your responses? Does he find everything you say fascinating? If he appears engaged in your conversations, then it's a clear indication that he's interested in you.


2. Laughing At Every Joke

Another way guys flirt is by laughing at all of your jokes, even the ones that aren't that funny. Although it may seem awkward at times, it's his way of showing how much he admires you and finds you amusing.

3. Making Fun Of You

Does he always tease you and make jokes at your expense, even if he laughs at your jokes? Spoiler alert: what your mom told you as a child still holds true as an adult. When someone teases you, it's usually because they have a liking towards you, and this also applies to guys. However, if he's being harsh or cruel, that's a different story altogether.


4. Trying To Make You Laugh

A guy who flirts with you will attempt to make you laugh every chance he gets. He might even glance at you to see if you found him amusing. He will most likely try to engage in one-on-one banter with you to demonstrate that he is a fun guy. Why does he do this? Because he is attempting to impress you.

5. Holding Eye Contact

Lesson one in male flirting tactics: gaze deeply into your eyes whenever he has the opportunity. If he likes what he sees, this is one of the primary ways he will communicate it to you. If you have chemistry, the eye contact will feel incredibly intense, as though his eyes are piercing your soul in the best possible way.


6. Looking At Your Lips

When a man is attracted to you, he may maintain eye contact for an extended period and frequently glance at your lips while conversing. This behavior indicates that he desires to kiss you. Additionally, he may ogle at your chest and buttocks when you walk away if he has impure thoughts about you. These actions are merely his way of fantasizing about you as his potential sexual partner.


7. Finding An Excuse To Touch You

If a man wants to flirt with you, he will search for any excuse to touch you during your conversation, and he won't attempt to be subtle about it, even when you're in a group setting. Whether he brushes his knee against yours, holds your hand, or gently taps your arm to emphasize a point, he will seek to establish as much physical contact with you as possible. This is a true story.


8. Saying Overly Forward Things

If a guy is trying to flirt with you, he may use forward body language, physical touch, and language. He may talk about dating you or use sexual innuendos to make his intentions clear. His words will likely be exaggerated as he tries to show how much he likes you. If you respond positively, he'll likely continue with his advances.


9. Not Leaving Your Side

Men who are interested in you will cling to you persistently, regardless of whether you are in a group or a one-on-one setting. You will always find them by your side, and it will be challenging to evade them, even if you try your best, as they want to maximize the time spent with you.

10. Trying To Make Future Plans

Last but not least, if a man is interested in you, he will make an effort to schedule future meetings with you. He may jokingly talk about taking you to Disney World if it comes up in conversation, or he may be straightforward and ask to hang out with you one-on-one. His intention will be to spend more time with you, and this is perhaps the most evident indication that he is attracted to you.