10 Ways To Take Your Naughty Talk From Awkward To Awesome

Speaking dirty to your partner might sound daunting, but it's a skill that anyone can master. If you feel shy about expressing your naughty desires, don't worry, these ten tips can help you get started. By following these guidelines, you can talk dirty like a pro and enjoy a more exciting and intimate relationship with your partner.

1. Use Your Inside Voice

If you're new to dirty talk, it's better to start with a lower volume. Being too loud or aggressive can be a turn-off. Whispering naughty phrases or questions can create a more seductive atmosphere, and it allows you to experiment with what works best for you and your partner. Additionally, you won't have to worry about messing up your lines.

2. Ask A Question

When you're feeling uncertain about what to say, consider asking your partner a question such as "What's on your mind right now?" or "Would you be comfortable with me touching you there?" These questions can provide a starting point for further exploration, regardless of their answer, and spark inspiration for where to take things next.

3. Tell Him When You Like Something

Don't be afraid to express what you like. Telling your partner what's working for you can enhance the moment and keep the conversation flowing. Whispering sweet nothings in their ear or telling them how amazing their touch feels can be incredibly arousing. Not only will your partner be turned on, but you'll also be more likely to get what you want.

4. Shower On The Compliments

To avoid feeling hesitant during intimate moments, consider complimenting your partner's physical attributes or personality. Express how much you admire his muscular arms or how aroused you feel by his directness in bed. Men do not hear such compliments frequently, and this could lead to an enjoyable experience for both of you.

5. Say Please And Thank You

Follow your mother's advice and use manners to express yourself. Request something from your partner politely using "please" and thank them afterwards. This technique can be a fun game that your partner will enjoy.

6. Keep It Simple

Avoid going into too much detail when engaging in naughty talk. A few key phrases such as "May I touch you there?" or "Do you like that?" are all you need to get your point across. Engaging in excessive chatter may be distracting and could frustrate your partner. Focus on using select phrases to keep things simple and exciting.

7. Use Descriptive Words

Use descriptive words like "hard," "big," "wet," or "hot" during intimate conversations to grab your partner's attention. These words are essential to successful naughty talk. To add some variety, you could even consult a thesaurus for synonyms and avoid getting bored.

8. Have Intention

Delivery is key when it comes to naughty talk. Do you recall a terrible performance by an actor that made you cringe in your seat? If you are not fully committed to what you are saying, your partner will not believe you. To be taken seriously, your naughty talk must be delivered with the utmost intention behind it.

9. If You're Shy, Start With Sounds

If you feel overwhelmed by the idea of talking dirty, don't worry. There are many hot sounds you can make that can speak louder than words. Pay attention to your urge to make noise and let it out instead of holding back. Quiet sounds are just as effective as loud, earth-shattering screams. You will be surprised at how alluring you can be.

10. Have A Pre-Love-Making Chat

Planning your intimate time ahead of time is a great way to initiate dirty talk. Discuss the things you might want to try tonight or in the future, and really listen to each other. This is not the time for judgment. This method is effective because it does not feel like you are acting or being fake; you are simply communicating sincerely about what you like, and it becomes steamy without even trying.