10 Ways To Make Him Beg For A Second Date


To secure a second date, it's crucial to make a great impression on the first one. Though first dates can be nerve-wracking, they are essential for finding a partner. Below are some ways to ensure that your date won't be a one-time encounter.

1. Put Your Phone Away When He's Around

When on a first date, it's important to give it your undivided attention, not just have your phone on the table. The only exception to this rule is if you have children, in which case it's best to be upfront about it. Otherwise, it might seem like you're not interested in the person you're with. While our social lives may be heavily intertwined with our phones in this day and age, it's important to stay present during first dates.

2. Make Eye Contact

This is an effective way to demonstrate to your date that you're actively engaged in the conversation. You don't have to stare at him for the entire time, but turning towards him and looking into his eyes every so often can help build a connection.

3. Ask Him About His Family

Asking about someone's family indicates that you're interested in a serious relationship. It's important to understand his family dynamics and how important they are to him. Bringing up his career, on the other hand, could imply that money is your primary concern. While his job is a part of who he is, learning about his family can provide a better overall understanding of him as a person.

4. Joke Around With Him

Making and receiving light jokes is something most guys really appreciate in a girl. While it's important not to be unkind, it's okay to inject some observational humor into the conversation. When you make a joke, it can help to ease the tension and let your date know that you're there to have a good time and get to know him better, rather than just to get a free drink.

5. Be Confident Even If You Have To Fake It A Little

Confidence is an attractive quality in anyone, so if you walk into the date with a positive attitude and a strong sense of self, he'll feel fortunate to be spending time with you. Everyone has their own insecurities, but it's crucial to feel comfortable in your own skin. Your date is unlikely to notice minor imperfections, but he will pick up on any negative self-talk.

6. If You Have A Question About Something He Says, Ask

If your date is enthusiastic about his favorite band, don't hesitate to ask him more questions, particularly if you're unfamiliar with them. It's even better to inquire about his favorite songs, so you can listen to them later. This shows that you're genuinely interested in him. Additionally, honesty is something that guys appreciate, and he won't consider you unintelligent if you ask him to expand on something. If he makes you feel stupid for asking, he isn't worth seeing again.

7. Flirt A Little In Your Texts

Let him know you had a great time by adding a heart emoji to your message. This subtle gesture can prompt him to plan another date, especially if he feels the same way. Using this playful method is a good way to show you're interested without appearing too intense. So go ahead and flirt a little, it won't hurt.

8. Pretend Your Ex-Boyfriend Doesn't Exist

When you're on a date, it's best to avoid complaining about your ex. It doesn't matter how terrible they were; mentioning them repeatedly will make it seem like you're not over them yet. If your date feels like they have to compete with your ex, they'll likely lose interest. To increase your chances of a second date, refrain from bringing up your past relationships.

9. Don't Get Sloshed

Regardless of age, this is good advice for anyone past their twenties. Drinking is fine, but it's important to know your limits and demonstrate self-control. This shows your charming side, and that's what you want your date to see. However, if your date thinks you may have substance abuse issues, they may not be interested in a second date. So make sure to drink responsibly.

10. Avoid Asking Him Serious Questions On The First Date

On a first date, it's not advisable to inquire about someone's desire for kids in the future. Rather, it's an opportunity to gauge your compatibility. If you cover all the significant topics that should be addressed at some point in the relationship during the first date, your partner might feel like you're rushing to get married. Although these discussions are crucial, they should be brought up organically as the relationship develops.