10 Ways To Know For Sure That He's The One

10 Ways To Know For Sure That He's The One

There comes the point in every long-term or serious relationship where you ask, "How do you know that he's the one?"

To honestly know the answer, you have to go through a list of things that make your relationship.

Some people claim they knew right away that they met "the one," their soulmate, their forever. Was it luck, gut feeling, or utter coincidence, we can't really know.

What we can do is list 10 things you should ask yourself, which will give you answers to what's in your heart and what's next for your lovely relationship.

1. You feel safe

10 Ways To Know For Sure That He's The One

You're in a loving, lovely relationship, but there's more to it. You feel safe, secure, and at the same time, you need to protect your partner as well.

That feeling of belonging, having someone to call home, talk, and complain to, that's a sure sign that you're not sex-crazed. Instead, your connection is deep, intimate, and the more time you spend together, the more you feel comfortable.

Feeling safe with your emotions, thoughts, and ideas is a real gem, and every relationship expert will agree that it's one of the most precious feelings in the world.

2. There's no need to hide yourself

10 Ways To Know For Sure That He's The One

You live your life the way you always wanted. There's no need to hide your face with makeup or to pay attention to every word.

It's complete freedom, and not only does it makes a healthy relationship, but it allows you to dream bigger. You're not afraid to fall, because you know your partner will catch you and vice versa.

When someone loves your flaws as much they love your good qualities; you know that it might as well be for the rest of your life.

Of course, nothing is 100% guaranteed, but in this case, it's a clear sign that he's marriage material.

3. You agree to disagree

10 Ways To Know For Sure That He's The One

Every couple has its disagreements. However, you don't feel the need to argue and prove yourself. This is an incredibly essential subject today since we live such hectic lives.

So, before you declare him to be the one, pay attention to his beliefs, hopes, and dreams and notice red flags in his ideals.

Before you decide to marry him, you have to know how to work through life's issues, from educating your children to whether you'll attend the church.

It may seem tiresome now, but if you can talk it out and accept differences, you might have a winner beside you!

4. He can still surprise you

10 Ways To Know For Sure That He's The One

Not only that, your dates are still super fun, but he cares about little surprises and everyday gestures.

He treats you like a queen, because that's what you mean to him.

You share experiences, live mindfully while creating memories. Though you're no longer in that honeymoon phase, you get a kick out of pleasing him. Yes, the bedroom activities are quite extraordinary, but there's so much more!

It's passion, love, respect, honesty, with your secret ingredients that make your lovely relationship so unique and so precious.

5. Sometimes you don't need words

10 Ways To Know For Sure That He's The One

The more you spend time together, the less you need to use actual words.

There's a connection between you two. It goes from the bedroom to the point where you know what's on his mind during a family lunch. The others might find it strange, but he knows when you need a hug or need him to get you out of a dull conversation.

While people around you think you two are annoyingly cute, you two live your life together as a team, and despite all the obligations, you still manage to read each other's minds.

6. You're individuals growing together

10 Ways To Know For Sure That He's The One

You know he's marriage material or the one, your soulmate when he wants you to grow as a person, and he doesn't mind following you in your successes. You two don't mind spending time on individual projects, if that means a better life for you, as a couple.

You make each other feel better, even though you can't agree on everything. He's your rock, and he has all your support, so, with a little bit of luck, you'll be spending the rest of your lives together, married or not. That's up to you.

7. You both feel comfortable sharing

10 Ways To Know For Sure That He's The One

You share the bills, and you share how your day was.

It comes naturally, effortlessly, as you go through everyday life.

You want to know how his day was, and you don't mind listening to his work stories. Well, sometimes you do, but you still talk to him because you want to make him happy.

And he understands your need to grow as an individual, and respect that. Feeling comfortable and safe are significant signs that your lovely relationship might blossom forever.

8. It's possible to imagine "the rest of your life"

10 Ways To Know For Sure That He's The One

You don't have to have it all planned out. But, you can see yourself growing old with your guy.

In fact, the thought of the two of you sharing a meal, or taking a walk 50 years from now, brings a smile to your face.

The more you imagine your lives, the more you feel that you can't live your life without him by your side.

It is not because you admire his face, but because you adore his spirit, sense of humor, and approach to life with you.

9. You know how to push each other's buttons, but you don't

10 Ways To Know For Sure That He's The One

There's a big word in every loving, healthy relationship. No, that's not just love; it's a compromise and knowing when to speak up and when to keep your mouth shut.

So, after a while, you know how to push your guy's buttons, yet you don't want to. Simply because you respect and honor him too much.

Any relationship expert will tell you that it's okay to have a dispute to express your dissatisfaction. But, what makes a healthy relationship is that you don't feel the need to hurt each other.

If you feel the floods of nasty and hurtful words coming out at any moment, that's one of the significant red flags.

10. You don't mind his family and vice versa

10 Ways To Know For Sure That He's The One

Well, this one is relatively self-explanatory. His family doesn't have to understand your relationship fully, nor should they. Perhaps you two do yoga and practice mindful living while his family never even heard of these terms.

But, as long as there's respect and mutual admiration, you will be alright.

Spend time with his loved ones, and make sure to understand his background, his upbringing. It will answer any questions about what makes your guy so unique to you.

Your mind will try to trick you with some questions:

How do you know for sure you are in love?

How do you know that you're the one for him?

And even: How do you know he's not the one?

Since you have a caring partner, share your concerns, and allow him to be part of this whole conversation.

Let his presence reassure you and take away your doubts.

Spending the rest of your life with one person sounds scary, and it's perfectly normal to question everything. If you're honest with yourself, you won't have to do soul-searching for much longer, since you'll feel it in your heart.