10 Ways To Detach Yourself From Someone You Can’t Be With

When you’re dating, or you love someone, the feelings in both of you become entangled. And over time, your life including the decisions you make will be influenced by your heart. When heartbreak happens, it can be a traumatic experience to overcome.

Love is not always fair and will not work according to our wishes or desires. You may love someone, but it doesn’t mean the person will like you back. Sometimes the people we love don’t always love us in return, and the ones we ignore are the ones who crave our love.

Whether it’s your best friend, a lover, or a crush moving away from you, it’s distressing to know that you’ll never share a life with them. This is the terrifying side of love, and most people don’t like talking about it.

You might feel helpless when you’re trying to detach from someone. Even worse is the feeling that there’s no way out of it. However, everything has a solution. Here’s how to speed up your healing process.

1. Enjoy The Person’s Company When You Meet Them

When you meet with these individuals, ensure you enjoy the time together to the fullest. Don’t be dramatic but appreciate every moment you have. When you start desiring something you can’t have, you’ll miss out on the happiness in front of you.

2. Explore New Hobbies

Occupying yourself with several hobbies will prevent negative feelings and emotions from building in your mind. When you let yourself get lost in an involving activity, you’re a step away from the bad feelings.

3. Protect Your Feelings

Try avoiding situations where you’re likely to feel pain by thinking about someone you cared for. Protecting your heart is essential. So, for example, if you know you’ll start feeling hurt when you talk about your dating life with a particular person, avoid having such conversations.

4. Look For A Support System

It’ll be helpful to have a group of people to turn to when you start to experience this helpless unrequited love feeling. Having someone to lean on at these moments can help you to detach from the hurt, making it less painful.

5. Ignore These Feelings

Sometimes it can help to ignore the attached feelings towards someone. In doing so, these feelings will fade away by themselves.

6. Limit Contacts With People You Can’t Have

Try not to call or text the person you’re aiming to detach from. Cut off any communication until you’re over the negative feelings.

7. Try Dating Another Person

Travel the world and meet new people. One of the best ways to detach from your ex is to look out for what the universe has to offer.

8. Write Down Your Feelings

According to experts, writing down your feelings in a journal or on paper will help you get over feelings towards someone. This is because, when you translate the emotions into words, you’re able to confront them.

9. Grieve For A While

Shedding tears is known as an excellent way to let out feelings and emotions. Allow yourself to cry and let the sadness and pain flow from inside you.

10. Be Open

You can open up your feelings to the person you crave for. If the response is positive, you’ll be relieved. But if it turns into a rejection, accept the situation knowing that there’s nothing you can do about it.