10 Ways My Body Went Haywire When I Quit The Pill

One year ago, I made the decision to discontinue taking birth control. I had been taking the pill for five years and felt that I needed a break. However, I was unprepared for the changes my body underwent as a result.

1. I Was Paranoid About Negatively Affecting My Long-Term Fertility

Although most doctors assert that the pill is safe and does not affect one's chances of conceiving in the future, I worried that remaining on the pill for a prolonged period would decrease my likelihood of becoming a mother. Because motherhood is significant to me, I opted to stop taking birth control. The alterations in my body were noticeable almost immediately.

2. I Started To Lose Weight

My face appeared slimmer, my stomach was visibly flatter, and I experienced less bloating on a daily basis. In the first two weeks following my discontinuation of the pill, I shed almost five pounds. Although this may seem drastic, it was most likely water weight that had been retained by the pill's hormones, so I welcomed the change.

3. I Began Noticing A Change In My Breasts

Even though I have never had a large chest, my breasts became smaller after I stopped taking the pill. Furthermore, their sensitivity changed. During my cycle, they became increasingly tender and extremely sensitive to the touch.

4. My Cycle Became Irregular

After discontinuing birth control, I noticed that my menstrual cycle became erratic, starting as soon as my next period. My body's cycle no longer followed a 28-day pattern, and it became more in sync with my friends' cycles. My periods also became shorter, lasting only three days instead of the typical week-long period.

5. My PMS Got Pretty Bad

I had never experienced intense mood swings or emotional surges during my cycle before, but after quitting birth control, I started to experience severe premenstrual syndrome (PMS) for a few days before my period. My hormones were no longer regulated, and my emotions were all over the place. I would cry over a broken jar of pickles one moment and become angry about it the next.

6. My Appetite/Cravings Changed

My food cravings also changed after discontinuing birth control. I could easily consume a pound of chocolate and eat enough salt for an entire family. My hunger would become insatiable about two days before my period, no matter how much I ate. Then, as soon as my period began, my appetite would be non-existent. I would consider myself lucky if I consumed a third of my normal daily caloric intake.

7. My Sex Drive Increased

My sex drive was present while I was on the pill, but it was nothing compared to what happened once I stopped taking it. After just a month, my horniness skyrocketed, and I was up for doing the deed at any time, especially when I had my period. Luckily, my boyfriend at the time didn't mind, as that's when I wanted it the most.

8. I Became A Lot More Aware Of My Ovulation

I never really paid attention to ovulation since the pill kept me protected and regulated. However, once I stopped taking it, the risk of pregnancy increased significantly. I had to track my ovulation carefully and be cautious around that time. Eventually, I became so in sync with my body that I could feel the egg's release, which made ovulation tracking much simpler.

9. I Never Suffered With Vaginal Dryness Anymore — The Exact Opposite Actually

I used to face occasional problems with vaginal dryness, but that concern quickly vanished after discontinuing the use of birth control pills. I cannot recall experiencing any instances of dryness since then. Instead, I found myself dealing with excessive wetness and a peculiar vaginal discharge, which was a new experience for me. Although it initially raised some concerns, I later learned that it is a natural occurrence and nothing to worry about.

10. At The End Of The Day, I'm Glad I Made The Decision To Stop Taking The Pill

Although my body experienced some unusual changes, ultimately, it was the correct choice. My hormonal levels and menstrual cycle have returned to their natural rhythm, and I am reassured that discontinuing birth control will not have any adverse impact on my future fertility. When the time is right, I can fulfill my dream of becoming a mother.