10 Ways Being Single Long Term Makes You Feel Sexually Awkward


As a single person, others may make assumptions about your lifestyle. They may presume that you have the freedom to do as you please, whenever you please. However, this does not necessarily imply that you engage in romantic relationships with whomever you desire. While flirting and hooking up may be enjoyable when you first become single, over time, the frequency of these activities typically declines until they cease altogether. When you eventually encounter new romantic possibilities, the situation can be somewhat uncomfortable, to say the least.

1. Sexting Gives You Anxiety

Once, you were skilled in the art of seductive texting with a new partner, but now even choosing the appropriate emoji poses a challenge, let alone crafting suggestive language. When you do try to engage in such conversation, it comes off as either overly ironic or so cheesy that it borders on dad humor.

2. You Pick Underwear Purely For Comfort

Your assortment of risqué undergarments remains untouched as you hardly ever put them on. You prioritize the comfort, material, and playful designs over the effort of coordinating a bra with your black lace boy shorts. Let's be honest, you even possess underwear with cartoon prints now.

3. You Easily Relate To The High School Nerd In Movies

It's like that one time at band camp, except there are no flutes, and there's definitely no camp. Instead, the "band" consists of a continuous loop of Taylor Swift songs.

4. You're Way Too Conscious Of Your Bedroom Sounds

During the rare occasions when you engage in sexual activity, you may find yourself questioning whether the sounds you're emitting are typical. Was that groan too loud? Does it come across as insincere? Are you feigning pleasure? Do you sound like a pornographic actress or a bleating kid?

5. The First Kiss Is Always Painful

You're uncertain about when to halt the physical contact. If you conclude prematurely, will he assume you're uninterested? But, if you don't stop, will it inevitably lead to sex? This is often what occurs in the pornographic videos you watch due to your lack of a fulfilling sex life.

6. Flirting Is A Foreign Concept

Your once charming tactics, like suggestive smiles and inviting your crush to the bar for a witty exchange, have devolved into awkward inquiries such as "do you enjoy potatoes?"

7. You Google "how To" Articles

What are the best techniques for flirting? How do you initiate a first kiss on a date? What can you say to sound more seductive in bed? How can you effectively engage in sexting? And, most importantly, how do you overcome social clumsiness?

8. You Plan Your Sexual Escapades In Advance

Getting ready for the end of hibernation season is a legitimate undertaking that involves grooming and preparation. Initially, you were always ready until you realized how much effort it took to constantly shave and wax your legs and intimate areas during the colder months when there was no action to be had. Consequently, you decided to abandon the practice altogether and instead adopted a more organized sex life. How incredibly impulsive!

9. Netflix And Chill Means Exactly That

It usually involves donning reindeer pajamas and enjoying a glass of wine.

10. You Cringe At The Past

Your sexual clumsiness is likely due to a particular reason - either a regrettable mistake in the bedroom or an unsatisfactory experience with a past partner. Consequently, you avoid potential shame by abstaining from sex altogether. However, we assure you that things will improve. Like losing your virginity for the first time, it requires patience and practice.