10 Ways A Guy Should Fight For You And Your Relationship

Being your defender does not entail engaging in a drunken brawl at a bar because someone else was trying to hit on you. Such actions are juvenile. What I mean by a partner who will fight for you is someone who will put in the effort to sustain your relationship. Here are ten ways in which he can demonstrate his commitment to you.

1. He Should Have Your Back

It doesn't matter if his childhood buddy doesn't approve of you, or if no one else in his circle likes you. He should be your ally and defend you. He should have the courage to pursue you if he wants to be with you, rather than following what others dictate for his life.

2. He Should Respect Your Dreams

Your aspirations matter to you. Even if he doesn't concur with your goals or think you'll succeed (shame on him), he should still encourage you. He doesn't have to agree with all of your thoughts or actions, but his support shouldn't waver. If he's not your biggest supporter, who is he, and why is he occupying space in your life?

3. He Should Make You Feel Secure

If you constantly feel uncertain about your partner's commitment to you and whether they truly love you, this may indicate that they are not fighting for the relationship. Your significant other should demonstrate their love and devotion to you consistently and wholeheartedly.

4. He Should Talk It Through

When you argue, does your partner storm out of the room, leaving you feeling like the relationship is over? If this is the case, it's a clear indication that your partner is not fighting for the relationship. Instead of retreating, your partner should demonstrate their desire to work through any problems and make the relationship work.

5. He Should Make You Number One

Of course, it's normal for your partner to have other people and things in their life that they care about and prioritize. However, you should never feel like you're at the bottom of their list of priorities. It's important to feel valued and appreciated in a relationship, even if you're not the only thing that your partner loves.

6. He Should Communicate

There's nothing more frustrating than a guy who doesn't respond to your calls or texts, or who doesn't share his thoughts and emotions with you. It's a clear indication that he's creating an emotional distance between you two. You need a partner who is invested in the relationship and is willing to let you in.

7. He Shouldn't Take You For Granted

Do you feel like you're always showing love to him, but he's not acknowledging your efforts? This can lead to resentment over time and make you feel unimportant to him. He needs to step up and show you that he cares.

8. He Shouldn't Treat You Like A Work In Progress

It's important to remember that both partners in a relationship should be able to accept each other for who they are. If your partner tries to change you, from your fashion sense to your beliefs, it's a sign of toxicity. A partner who truly cares for you will support you as a whole and fight for your beliefs and lifestyle choices.

9. He'll Bridge The Gap

Finding a partner who shares identical qualities may not be the most desirable option as it could lead to monotony. However, if you and your partner are incompatible in some aspects, he should strive to meet you halfway and find a middle ground for the betterment of a healthy and content relationship. Of course, you must reciprocate the same effort to make it work.

10. He Should Stick Around

During tough times, a partner should not abandon you by leaving without any notice. Instead, he should stand by you and confront the situation together. Does he provide emotional support when you're having a bad day? Is he still excited about your relationship even when the initial euphoria has faded? It is essential for a partner to communicate with you, work through the issues and find a solution to move forward, rather than retreating or leaving you behind in your difficult times.