10 Unusual Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Jealous, According To A Guy


I must make it clear that I do not endorse the idea of intentionally making your boyfriend jealous. It seems like a pointless game that should not be played. However, if you are still interested, here are some potential methods (or behaviors to avoid if you want to be a responsible and mature girlfriend).

1. Talking to a stranger

It's common for boyfriends to assume that you're flirting when they see you talking to a stranger, even though this is a flaw. If your boyfriend doesn't know the person you're talking to and is unsure whether they pose a threat to your relationship, he may start thinking about the worst-case scenario. This type of jealousy is often rooted in insecurity.

2. Having a girls' night out

It might seem illogical because your boyfriend tells you not to worry when he hangs out with his guy friends, right? But that's the thing with jealousy - it can be irrational. The issue is that men have no insight into what happens during a ladies' night. They might assume that if you're out, you're either trying to meet other men or being pursued by them. It's easy to see how this could lead to feelings of jealousy.

3. Obsessing too much over celebrity crush

Most of us have a list of celebrities that we would have a chance with, and it can be enjoyable for couples to share and discuss them. However, it's crucial for women not to become fixated on their celebrity crushes. If you start discussing how you want to have their children, it's crossing a line. At that point, men can feel inadequate, and jealousy can arise.

4. Having a guy best friend

To be honest, we have no valid reason to feel jealous about this. If your best friend is male, chances are that he has been your close friend long before we entered the picture. Even if we don't perceive him as a potential romantic rival, some jealousy may still arise. It can be unsettling for us to know that there is another guy who is very close to our girlfriend.

5. Posting pictures of you and other guys

It's evident that posting a picture of yourself with another guy, unless he's a relative, will make your boyfriend jealous. To your boyfriend, it may feel like a betrayal, even if it's innocent. Even though it may seem harmless and be harmless in reality, it's challenging not to feel jealous when you're comfortable sharing a picture of yourself with another man for everyone to see.

6. Mentioning positive memories of your ex

It's great to have a cordial relationship with your ex, but it's not advisable to spend a considerable amount of time reminiscing about the good times you had with him. Talking about the fun you had with your former partner is bound to make your boyfriend jealous. It can make him concerned that you're still emotionally attached and may leave the door open for a reunion, which is an unsettling feeling.

7. Having any physical contact with another guy in front of us

Once again, it's clear why this behavior could make your boyfriend jealous. Even if it's just friendly contact with your male friends or our mutual friends, it can be uncomfortable to witness. Any kind of hug or playful touch with other guys in front of us has the potential to trigger feelings of jealousy.

8. Returning texts or calls the next day

Delaying your response to a guy's message is a classic example of playing mind games. If your intention is to make your boyfriend jealous, this tactic can be effective. Waiting until the next day to respond gives the guy a chance to ponder about your whereabouts, what you're up to, and why you're not responding. However, this approach can also be a bit cruel.

9. Making vague social media posts

Any cryptic post about your personal life is likely to trigger jealousy in your boyfriend. One issue is that you're sharing it publicly, which makes it hard to ignore. Moreover, we feel like we should be able to understand anything you share, so not comprehending what you're saying can be unsettling. It's likely to make us feel jealous and a little anxious that we're not meeting your needs.

10. Mentioning that a guy asked you out

If your boyfriend is at all insecure, he'll likely feel very jealous upon hearing this. While you might find it flattering or amusing and easily dismiss it, your boyfriend probably won't. One thing to keep in mind is that guys don't usually enjoy competing for women. If you mention that another guy has asked you out, it's unlikely to go over well. You could even make up a story about a guy asking you out if you want to make your boyfriend jealous, but as a guy myself, I'd strongly advise against doing that.