10 Unexpected Things That Show A Marriage Won't Last Long

10 unexpected things that show a marriage won’t last long

By the age of fifty, over 90 percent of people get married. But in the US, about half of these marriages end up in divorce.

This actually applies to first marriages. Divorce rates for second and third marriages are much higher.

Experts have been concerned, and they have put together signs that, according to research, show that your marriage might not last long.

Hopefully, people can learn from failed marital unions and ensure theirs do not end up the same way. As it turns out, certain patterns have been observed in marriages that end up in failure.

So, here are signs that your marriage will probably not last long. The good thing is that you can see some of these signs early enough and avoid getting into a marriage that will most likely end in divorce.

Some of these signs might surprise you, but they are fairly reliable indicators that a marriage might not work out.

1. Frowning Childhood Photos

This is quite an unexpected sign that a marriage will not last. Although, experts believe it's very important.

Clearly, each of us probably has a childhood picture where we don't look too happy because the day wasn't so exciting for us.

However, if your partner seems to be frowning in all their childhood pictures, then you should seriously reconsider getting married to them.

There is solid science to back this up.

A study discovered that people who ranked in the top ten percent on a smile intensity scale based on their childhood pictures hadn't divorced. Yes, not even one.

For those at the bottom ten percent, 25 percent already had. That is a significant difference.

In a similar study focused on people over 65 years of age, 31 percent of those who frowned in childhood photos had broken marriages compared to 11 percent of those who smiled.

Generally, people who frown in photos are 5 times more likely to divorce. Matthew Hertenstein thinks this is because more positive people are more likely to have successful marriages:

"Or maybe smiling people attract other happier people, and the combination may lead to a greater likelihood of a long-lasting marriage. We don't really know for sure what's causing it."

2. Too Many Colleagues Of Opposite Sex

According to a Danish study, people who are often surrounded by people of the opposite sex are 15 percent more likely to get divorced. However, this mostly applied to highly educated men.

The workplace environment also plays a role. For instance, this effect is more pronounced in the hospitality industry and less evident in the farming industry.

3. Tone Of Voice

A good tone is fundamental in marriages. Using a computer algorithm, scientists studied the voices of couples seeking marriage therapy.

The results on the tone of voice were better at predicting marital success than marriage experts were. The tone of voice can have a profound impact on how a partner's emotions are affected, according to the study:

"It's not just about studying your emotions. It's about studying the impact of what your partner says on your emotions."

4. You Don't Fight

Ironic, right? Apparently, even though fighting with your partner is not a pleasant thing, it brings you closer together.

Science has proven that fighting builds intimacy. When you stop disagreeing on anything, that is a bad sign, according to Jeanette Schneider, a relationship expert:

"Conflict creates intimacy if you allow it to be a place to grow as a team."

When you give each other silent treatment instead of fighting, or stop caring and ignore important issues, then you are more likely to break up.

5. A Mother Who Got Into Many Relationships

To be clear, this has nothing to do with your mother in law. We are talking about your or your partner's biological mother.

Science has proven that we tend to do what our moms did.

The study was done in 2018, and it showed that if you have a mother who regularly got into new relationships, you are more likely to do the same as an adult.

Obviously, having such behavior as a married person means wrecking your marriage and getting divorced. If your mother was good at maintaining a long-term relationship, then so will you.

6. Husband Hates Your Friends

In a 2018 study, it was discovered that when a husband does not like his wife's friends, the marriage is more likely to end in divorce.

The study involved 373 couples and 46 percent of them had divorced over a period of sixteen years.

Generally, if the husband did not like his wife's friends in their first year of marriage, the marriage was more likely to end in divorce.

However, the same did not happen if the wife did not like her husband's friends. Experts believe that differences in the way men and women bond can help explain why this is so.

Women tend to bond based on emotional closeness and support. Yet, men tend to bond based on shared interests. Consequently, men have an easier time finding new friends than women do.

So, while men can handle cutting ties with friends for the sake of their partners, women don't find it as easy.

7. Too Much Affection In The Newlyweds

This doesn't sound right, I know. However, people who appear more affectionate after just getting married are more likely to end up divorced.

This was confirmed in a study done in 2001, where researchers looked at the marriages of 168 couples. The couples had not been married for more than thirteen years when the study was done.

Couples who had divorced by their seventh year of marriage were found to have been more affectionate towards each other when they first got married in comparison to those who were still married.

Experts believe this is because people who start in such high spirits have a problem keeping this affection alive. After things cool down, they quickly get dissatisfied and end up in problems that lead to breakups.

8. Poverty And Lack Of Employment

Having a low level of income is more likely to lead to divorce, according to a study done in 2004.

This was discovered after realizing that most of the fathers registered with the Child Support Agency pay very little of it because they can't afford it.

A 2001 study discovered that about 40 percent of separated fathers had a taxable income fewer than 15,600 dollars. That's very telling.

9. Lack Of Quality Sleep

People who can't sleep well are more likely to suffer broken marriages. In a 2013 study, it was discovered that more and more couples are sleeping in separate beds.

This can actually be a good thing if sleeping together often leads to poor quality sleep.

When someone doesn't get enough sleep for over a long period of time, they get irritable, impatient, and more likely to end up in arguments that can cost them important relationships.

10. Fighting In Public

Couples who have no reservations about fighting in public are less likely to stay married. This proves that you don't care about your marriage or what people say about it anymore, which is a terrible sign you might end up divorced.

Public bickering proves that your problems are beyond your control.

But There's Hope

Even though you might identify one or more of these signs in your partner, it does not mean your marriage is doomed.

All marriage relationships need work, and even without these signs, if one fails to do what's required of a married person, they will ultimately end up divorced.

That also means you can overcome some of these issues and still have a successful marriage. After all, in the end, only you and your partner can determine how successful your marriage will be.