10 Uncomfortable Signs You're Growing Into The Best Version Of Yourself

10 Uncomfortable Signs You’re Growing Into The Best Version Of Yourself

Hands up to everyone who wants to be the best version of themselves. Oh, right, some of you already are. Anyway, if you have no idea where you stand, here's how you know you have already become the best version of yourself.

Congrats by the way.

1. You're Toxic To Toxicity

When you become a better version of yourself, you recognize and appreciate the need to distance yourself from toxic people and situations. You let go of behaviors that have held you back before. You also find it easier to spend time on what makes you happy.

2. You Feel The Need To Let Some People Go

They did nothing they have not done before. They did not wrong you. But you feel they no longer fit in your life. For this reason, you cannot keep some people around, and it's nothing personal.

3. Your Thoughts Can Bother You

You take time to meditate and think things over. But while at it, you will feel pain. At other times, you will feel joy or relief. This shows you have grown.

4. You See Yourself In A Way You Never Did Before

Things that troubled you before no longer bother you. You are even puzzled to see some things you obsessed over in the past don't bother you one bit today. That shows how much you have changed for the better and are probably now the best version of yourself you will ever be.

5. You Take The Jump And Work On Your Growth

You now long for personal growth, now that you see how fulfilling it is. You are even willing to take risks to achieve it. Fear no longer stands in your way, and there is nothing you want more than growth.

6. You See Life As A Journey, Not A Destination

Before, you thought life was about achieving a singular supreme goal, and you chased it with all you got. But now you know better. Even if you realize you will never achieve your dream, you still find life worthwhile because you appreciate the surprises and the joys that come along the way. Today, you live for them and focus less on a singular trophy at the end.

7. Your Perspective On Life Has Changed

Can you see the transformation? I bet you can. Your dressing, your opinions, the way you interact with people, and even your priorities have changed. Yes, you are turning into the best version of yourself you have ever been.

8. You Learn To Shun The Easy Path In Life

It takes a lot of mistakes to realize that shortcuts in life lead you back where you started or somewhere worse. So, if you are no longer excited about taking the easy way, you have grown into a much better version of yourself.

9. People Who Fail To Understand Your Journey Seem Unbearable

When you change, some people will not get it. Real friends will appreciate the transformation and support you, but others might be jealous that you have discovered your potential and might rise above them.

10. You Actually Feel Uncomfortable

When you are changing, you will have to leave behind the familiar and embrace new things. That is bound to feel uncomfortable. Change generally involves some discomfort on an emotional, physical, and psychological level. That might be the ultimate sign that you are growing into someone else.

We all need some personal growth and stop with all the craziness that ruins our lives. But know this, being the best version of yourself is the reward for successfully completing the journey of self-discovery. You have to know and accept yourself.