10 Tips On How To Attract Men Instantly And Irresistibly

10 Tips On How To Attract Men Instantly And Irresistibly

You're probably tired of attracting the wrong guys. So what's the secret in how to attract the men we want, need, and desire?

We know that men are visual creatures, but they're also not the smartest tools in the box when it comes to seduction. You know what they say, men invented the fire, but women are the ones who know how to play with it.

Instead of settling for someone uninteresting and undeserving, here are some tips and tricks on how to attract men of your dreams.


Kill them with kindness

One major study asked 10,000 men and women what quality they found most important in a partner. And the number one response was kindness. Surprised?

It doesn't mean you have to be the type of person that a man can walk all over. It means that you care about others, and you want to make them happy as long as that happiness doesn't feel like a burden.


Generally, being kind is gracious, and it is more than merely knowing how to attract men.

Young at heart

Youthfulness is not reserved for young people. In fact, you can be a 20 something grandma or a vibrant 60 years old lady or gentleman. Being young at heart means knowing how to enjoy life, valuing yourself, and not giving a damn about what others have to say.


We live in a world that celebrates youth culture. But, attracting the right guy comes from within. It may sound like a cliché, yet you're as young as you feel.

When you're going out and meeting people, remember to bring that youthfulness to the conversation, show that energy as much as possible.

How to attract men? Show self-worth!

Women with high self-worth are always more desirable.


Confidence doesn't mean going up to every person, leading every conversation, or always insisting that you're in charge. You wouldn't want your man to act like he owns the world, so neither should you!

Overplaying your confidence will make you seem pushy. Instead, be confident in what you bring to the table while knowing that you deserve real love. Or a great one-night stand, if that's what you're after.


You are a wonderful person, and you should be aware that you deserve the best. Everything else is unacceptable!

Body image

Men are visual creatures, and women's figure and face are components of attraction.

While men desire the perfect hip to waist ratio, you don't have to look like a supermodel to get your man.


The way you treat your body, dress, and take care of your appearance can make you more or less attractive.

You should wear comfy clothes that flatter your figure. Make sure that you always look polished yet effortless. Obsessing over your body will make you less attractive because it shows how insecure you are.

Appearance is important, but only at a superficial level. Your charisma, energy, and attitude will get you further than looking a certain way. And, you'll know you'll be attracting the right guy.


Be approachable while attracting the right guy!

Researchers who study speed dating events where men and women basically make decisions in a matter of minutes or even seconds found that just simply showing a little bit of interest in the conversation can build a massive amount of attraction.

Listen to what a man is telling you, maintain eye contact, and watch your body language.


Men are fragile, so compliment him to boost his ego. They need partners and potential partners to give them a sense of safety and confidence.

Positivity will take you places!

Men really are attracted to pleasant, positive, generally cheerful people. In fact, no one wants to date negative Nancy. You don't have to pretend that your life is perfect, but would you go out on a date with someone who only talks about how the world is coming to an end?


In our journey to discover how to attract men, we're not merely talking about finding a mate. Positivity is vital for your friendships, career, life in general, with or without men.

Instead of dwelling over things you don't have, place focus on what you are and how far you have come.

Honestly, be honest!

It's not like you need another reason to be honest because you should be honest regardless, not merely to understand how to attract men.


Researches proved that honesty does affect the judgment of physical attractiveness. As per science, men think that honest people are healthier, fitter, and kinder.

When you're telling the truth, you're able to show your real, profound emotions. Lying on a first date will make you look like you are faking the whole thing, and no one wants that.

Show some teeth!

Smiling while talking takes practice, but it is worth it. Smiling is the easiest way to improve the way people see you since it shows that you're a pleasant and easy-going person.


You don't have to act like a clown and smile all the time. Instead, make sure that your smile is matching your honesty.

The safest way to attract a man's attention isn't in finding all the right answers on how to attract men. It's about giving him a picture-perfect smile, and you can start practicing now!

Good vibes only!

Have you ever met some people, and you just thought within like three seconds of meeting them, "Yikes, I'm not interested".


And then other person you meet within a few minutes makes you think "Darn, I like this person, this person's great."

It all comes down to your body language, your vibe, and your energy. So next time you go out, keep an eye out for other people's vibes and see what works and what doesn't.

Just opening your eyes a little bit will help you understand how to attract men.


Intellect matters in attracting the right guy!

Smart, confident guys are attracted to smart, confident women. Insecure guys are scared of them. Besides, you don't need an insecure a-hole, anyway.

It would help if you didn't change your ways or try to dumb yourself. Of course, be humble, don't brag or put down those who are not as sharp as you.


However, don't be afraid to show your intellectual side. We're continually trying the wrong approaches when it comes to the question of how to attract men. And acting "dumb" is among the most common thing we allow ourselves to do.

In reality, we should be working on improving ourselves and not letting our future partners make us feel less than we are.


Knowing how to attract men comes more naturally to some. The others have to work for it, but luckily, the work is full of things you need for a better life in general.

We tend to make dating more complicated merely by not being true to ourselves. So the best way to get someone's attention is to be yourself, only a tiny bit better.